List of 10 Best Property Tax Protest Consultants in Fort Worth TX

Premier Property Tax

Premier Property Tax focuses on clients that are truly in need of appeal & consulting services. Rather than accept any client, we protest accounts that we feel have potential for tax savings. This practice allows us to spend more time on each individual account rather than filing mass protests in hopes that we receive minor reductions on a large majority. We know that the best property tax consultant is an informed one and this practice allows us the time & attention needed to put together a strong case for each individual client.

Southland Prop Tax Consultants

We were founded in 1987 with a single purpose: cost effectively achieve the lowest reasonable property tax assessment, while reducing the burdens of tax administration, for each and every one of our clients. To achieve this purpose, Southland realized more than 25 years ago that we needed to attract and retain the best and brightest people in our industry, and we have.

Our highly experienced team utilizes our proprietary SouthWise™ platform and extensive knowledge of The Texas Property Tax Code, to articulate and support the lowest reasonable property tax values allowed by Texas law, for each of our client’s properties. We have the demonstrated industry experience to help give your business a competitive edge.

Simmons Property Tax

Our firm comprises a trusted team of consultants and business advisors providing the highest degree of professional ad valorem tax service. We are a full service property tax consulting firm providing a complete range of services in all areas of property taxation. Simmons Property Tax is dedicated to aggressively negotiating for lower values, resulting in lower tax burdens. We are committed to applying the highest standard of services tailored to the individual needs of our clients.

Property Value Protest Consultants

At PVPconsultants™ our passion lies within the opportunity to empower residential and commercial property owners by providing a real estate and business valuation service with a focus on what specifically effects the true market value of their property. Our clients are assured of the best advice from professionals who have an understanding of the market both locally and nationally. Combined with our experience as Appraisal Review Board members, expertise as Property Tax Agents and real estate investors we can assure our clients of the opportunity to capture, create and retain a fair and equal assessment of their property’s market value as it applies to each year’s tax notice.

Pinnacle Property Group

Whether protesting your property tax valuation, providing a cost segregation study, or mitigating your utility expense, you must have two things for the optimal solution — expertise and advocacy. You need an expert to compile the most reliable and compelling evidence possible, and you need a zealous advocate that will explore every opportunity to leverage that evidence to its maximum value. You need Pinnacle Property Group.


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