Property Tax Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


About Direct Tax Loan

[toggle style=”simple” title=”What makes Direct Tax Loan the preferred choice for a tax loan among property owners? “]

Lowest rate guarantee, quick funding, and individualized attention to our clients’ needs.


[toggle style=”simple” title=”How can Direct Tax Loan help me prevent being sued for delinquent property taxes“]

We can pay off your real estate property taxes before your home falls into foreclosure.


[toggle style=”simple” title=”Is it true Direct Tax Loan can give me a loan if my property taxes are not past due“]

Yes, but your loan won’t be repaid until after January 31st for the prior year’s property taxes.


[toggle style=”simple” title=”How easy is it to work with Direct Tax Loan“]

Our goal as your property tax lender is to make the process swift, easy, and affordable. You can apply online on our website or call us right now. Speak with our property tax consultants for a confidential and no-obligation quote.



General Property Tax Questions

[toggle style=”simple” title=”If my property taxes are not paid on time, can I get foreclosed on? “]

Yes, your real estate property can be foreclosed on by the state of Texas due to unpaid taxes. In Texas, an automatic tax lien is placed on your home when taxes are due.


[toggle style=”simple” title=”Can I qualify for a property tax exemption? “]

It might be possible. Local taxing authorities have exemptions for adults over 65, people with disabilities, in the military, and who qualify for a homestead. Call your local property tax office and speak with a representative.



Loans Available To Pay Property Taxes

[toggle style=”simple” title=”Does my real estate qualify for a property tax loan? “]

The property types we lend on are real property such as: Residential, Commercial, Investment Properties, Apartments, Hotel/Motel, and Land.


[toggle style=”simple” title=”Do you give loans on personal property such as cars or jewelry? “]

No, our specialty is property tax loans. We don’t provide loans for IRS federal income taxes or personal possessions.


[toggle style=”simple” title=”Can I get a tax loan for multiple properties? “]

Yes, we can even process one loan for properties that are all located in a single county.


[toggle style=”simple” title=”I owe  taxes on multiple years, can I get a loan that will cover my current and past due taxes? “]

Yes, we can assist you with paying off all the costs associated with delinquent property taxes and lawsuit initiated by the county.


[toggle style=”simple” title=”I already have a loan with Direct Tax Loan. Can I get another loan for this year’s property taxes? “]

Definitely! We can combine the two loan amounts due for one easy single payment.



Property Tax Loan Application Process

[toggle style=”simple” title=”I have bad credit, can I still qualify for a tax loan? “]

With us, there is NO Credit Check! 98% of our applicants get approved. Having bad credit is not a problem.


[toggle style=”simple” title=”I have been through bankruptcy, can I still get a property tax loan? “]

Previous bankruptcies are not an issue. However, being in the middle of a bankruptcy may disqualify you from obtaining the loan.


[toggle style=”simple” title=”Do any age restrictions apply? “]

According to Texas law, you must be under 65 years old to authorize the transaction associated with your homestead primary residence. No age restrictions apply to investment homes or any other real estate property types.


[toggle style=”simple” title=”What do I need to provide to apply for a property tax loan? “]

For a quick quote, please provide the property owner’s name, address and county.


[toggle style=”simple” title=”How long will it take to approve my tax loan? “]

Loans are typically pre-approved with 24 to 48 hours. A review of a completed application and final approval takes about 72 hours.


[toggle style=”simple” title=”What documents are required to complete the full application process? “]

  • Government issued ID or local drivers license
  • Social security number
  • Mortgage statement (if applicable)
  • Property insurance company information
  • Bank statement
  • Income verification


[toggle style=”simple” title=”How quickly can my property taxes be paid off? “]

Your property taxes will generally be paid off within two weeks or sooner. A 3 day rescission, or waiting period, is required by the State of Texas before we can legally pay off your property tax loan.



Your Property Tax Loan Terms

[toggle style=”simple” title=”Do I need a down payment for my property tax loan? “]

Not a cent! NO application fee. NO other upfront or out of pocket expenses. All fees are rolled into your loan.


[toggle style=”simple” title=”How much will a property tax loan cost me? “]

All of the loan costs are regulated by the State of Texas, and will be included in your loan.


[toggle style=”simple” title=”What is my interest rate going to be? “]

Interest rates are calculated based on your loan amount, loan span, and property type. However, our interest rates are WAY LESS than the delinquency penalties and interest the county will charge you in the first year alone!


[toggle style=”simple” title=”How much will my monthly payment be? “]

You can select your monthly payments based on how quickly you want to pay your loan off.


[toggle style=”simple” title=”How many years can I get a loan for? “]

Loans are setup to be repaid within 2 to 15 years. All payments are made by monthly installments.



Repayment of Your Direct Tax Loan

[toggle style=”simple” title=”When will my monthly payment be due? “]

You can select your own payment due date.


[toggle style=”simple” title=”How will I pay my loan? “]

All of our payments are setup on an ACH schedule authorizing us to automatically debit your checking account on the due date.


[toggle style=”simple” title=”Do you have any prepayment penalties for paying off my loan sooner? “]

Nope! Not on residential property tax loans. You can pay off your loan as soon as you have the funds, or even send extra to decrease the term on the loan.


[toggle style=”simple” title=”Can I lose my property to foreclosure if I am behind on my payments? “]

Under the Texas state law, a notice of default and a time frame to remedy the situation will be presented.  If the loan continues to be delinquent, actions to initiate a foreclosure and collect the past due debt can move forward. We always have open communication and our goal is not to work through issue so that foreclosure is rarely the outcome.


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