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Pay Off My Taxes Today



I need help paying my property taxes in Austin, TX. How is Direct Tax Loan able to assist me?

It is our job to work with you and the local tax authority so that you can pay back all delinquent taxes. Our friendly staff will help you find an affordable monthly payment plan to repay your property tax loan. But in order to be eligible for a loan, you must be a homeowner 18 years of age or older, have delinquent property and real estate taxes and not have gone bankrupt.

As a homeowner in Austin, TX, how expensive is a property tax loan with Direct Tax Loan?

Well, compared to hiring a property tax attorney, Direct Tax Loan is a very reasonably-priced option. We don’t charge you extra fees or even a deposit. As a reputable property tax lender regulated by the state government, Direct Tax Loan only charges the costs included in the loan, depending on certain factors such as the time you need to pay us back and the type of property you own.

How quickly can I get my property tax loan in Austin, TX?

Once you fill out an application, it usually takes no more than 72 hours for us to approve your loan. If all goes well, those outstanding property taxes you owe will be paid within a period not exceeding ten days.


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

In the great state of Texas, you are required to pay your property taxes by January 31st. Failure to do so will be very costly for you. First off, your tax bill will increase along with the interest.

To give you an example; should you not pay your taxes by the due date, by February fees and interest will increase my 7.0%. Continue to ignore your tax obligations and by years’ end just the additional charges alone on your tax will go up as high as 47%.

If this isn’t enough of a headache to contend with, the county tax office can initiate a lawsuit against you and start foreclosure proceedings. Direct Tax Loans will help you to finance your property taxes. With our help, you’ll get them paid off.

Consider All Options

Perhaps getting a property tax loan isn’t the right option for you. If, for instance, you are disabled or over the age of 65, you could check with the county tax office to see whether you’re eligible for a tax deferral.

If you decide to go with Direct Tax Loan, we will assist you with working out a plan to pay back overdue property tax payments before you’re subject to more penalties or foreclosure.

Understand Tax Loans

The whole point of this exercise is to avoid foreclosure. When you get a property tax loan, a lien is placed against your home.

This is a security measure. If you do not pay back your loan, this lien allows Direct Tax Loan to foreclose on your home.

We really don’t like doing this, but sometimes there is no other option. This is a loan, not a grant so it must be paid back.

Tax Loan Advantage

Why take out a property tax loan? Once this loan is in place, the tax collector cannot issue additional penalties or interest that will increase the amount of delinquent taxes you already owe.

When you seek help from Direct Tax Loan, there is no down payment, credit or background checks or even a house inspection. Everything is done is the span of a week. Don’t wait until you are hit with a lawsuit or foreclosure. Get in touch with us today!

In-House Loans

We service all of our loans. Meaning we collect all owed payments and provide the customer with statements. Any information you need you can get from us. We’re all about convenience.

To save you more hassle, each time you call, you’ll get to speak to the same member of our staff. Your account information will be kept confidential. Let’s work together to set up a plan that works for you.

Customized Solutions

We design a payment plan tailor-made to meet your individual needs. Our plans are customized to suit the needs of each customer.

Also, we work with our clients to rearrange property tax money that’s due besides the loan. Being late on overdue taxes just gets you in deeper. Avoid this quagmire and contact us now!

NO Credit Check

No doubt you’re hesitant to call us now because you’re worried about your credit score. Well, take heart because bad credit isn’t a problem for us.

We don’t check your credit rating so there’s no worry about not getting approved for a property tax loan. In fact, almost all applicants get approved regardless of what their credit rating is.

It is our mandate to make getting a loan as easy as possible to quality for. Don’t be intimidated. Call us today!

Free Title Clearing

This is a complimentary service. In order to be approved for a property tax loan, you must have title to the property. Sometimes, people don’t have title for various reasons including whoever they inherited the property from dies without leaving a will or if a separated couple didn’t file for divorce.

Of perhaps the county clerk’s office no longer has a copy of the original sale of purchase. If you are having difficulties in this area, Direct Tax Loan will help you to clear your title so you can repay outstanding property taxes.

NO Out of Pocket Fees

You need help paying off your delinquent property taxes but you can’t afford to spend a grand sum of dough to hire an expert. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

With Direct Tax Loan, you save money on the application fee and don’t have to pay any other expenses. There isn’t even a down payment.

The only expenses you pay are those already in your loan. You get a bargain when you get Direct Tax Loan to help you. It’s definitely worth it.

Quick Loan Process

You won’t have to wait forever to get approved for a loan with Direct Tax Loan. We work fast and you should be pre-approved within two business days.

It will take another day to review and get the application accepted so you can get that property tax loan. All in all, three days isn’t too long. With some companies, you’ll be waiting weeks or even months. We’re the fastest game in town.


APPLY OVER THE PHONE: (866) 723-0321


We Can Ease Your Burden

There is currently a lot of talk in Austin TX concerning property taxes and when they are due. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, some families are finding it problematic to pay their property taxes on time therefore risking penalties and fines.

The good news is that if you are unable to make the ends meet and pay your tax bill, you can turn to a property tax lender for the sum required.

Direct Tax Loan is property tax lender in Austin TX that helps those in need by providing the necessary funds to clear their tax arrears.

Property tax loans are readily available for various property types such as commercial and residential properties. If you are facing property foreclosure due to your property tax burden, then a property loan can be the one to save you.

This type loan is usually quite straightforward and easily attainable. If you need to access a property tax loan, get in touch with us today and we’ll help you out.

Once your property tax has been payed off, you can now focus on repaying the loan using our simple and flexible payment plans.

Pay Off My Taxes Today