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Can I Pay Off My Laredo, Texas Property Taxes with Direct Tax Loan?

Direct Tax Loan will work directly with the Webb County taxing unit. We can bring your taxes up to date by paying off the full amount you owe. We also offer customized repayment plans for each client, ensuring that your monthly payment will be easy to make.

To quality for a property tax loan, you must meet these requirements:

  • The property in question must be legally yours and you must be over 18.
  • You must be overdue on your property taxes at the time of application.
  • You must not be in bankruptcy when you apply.
Is a Direct Tax Loan Expensive?

Our unique system requires no extra fees or down payments.

Your loan will have all costs built right into it, per State of Texas regulations. Your loan will be your only expense.

Payment plans are different for each client. We will calculate an interest rate based on your property itself, how rapidly you can repay and the actual amount of the loan. Your ultimate cost will be lower than paying through Webb County directly.

Can I Get a Laredo, Texas Property Tax Loan Fast?

Time is money when paying off back taxes, and we strive to deliver that money as quickly as possible. Our turnaround times are very fast, usually under 72 hours. Your taxes will then be paid off within seven to ten business days, leaving you free and clear of unpaid property taxes.


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

It’s common to think, when faced with back property taxes, that paying them off slowly will take care of the situation. While this might work for some, for others it’s a very costly mistake.

While you slowly pay back your taxes, they are constantly accruing interest and late fees. In the end, you’ll end up paying much more.

By working with Direct Tax Loan, you can pay off all your back taxes – including interest and fees – in one quick action. You’ll then be left with a simple, manageable monthly payment, free of hidden fees or unexpected expenses.

Consider All Options

We understand that while a property tax loan is an excellent option for some in Laredo, it’s not for everybody. Some circumstances can mean that you’d be better served by using another option. If you’re legally disabled or over the age of 65, for example, you can seek a deferral.

Negotiating with Webb County regarding a payment plan is another potential solution. If your property qualifies, we can provide more information on this option. Homestead properties are a great example of real estate which qualifies for a payment plan.

If, after reviewing all options, you decide to choose a property tax loan, Direct Tax Loan will help you in every way possible. We follow all Texas regulations regarding lending and borrowing, and will assist you in preventing excessive fees and potential foreclosure.

Understand Tax Loans

The process of obtaining a tax loan is simple. You submit your case and, after approval, Direct Tax Loan makes a direct payment directly to Webb County. Your taxes are now paid off, which prevents foreclosure proceedings, stops interest accrual and gives you back your peace of mind.

After payment has been made, the lien on your property is transferred to us. This is the “credit” we use instead of your credit history. This lien gives us the right to foreclose on your property is repayment doesn’t occur as scheduled.

However, we pursue every available avenue before even considering a foreclosure. On average, property tax lenders foreclose far less often than traditional mortgage lenders.

Tax Loan Advantage

The advantages of paying off overdue Webb County property taxes are many. Right away, your back taxes will be paid off, preventing new interest, fees and the potential for foreclosure.

This is a huge relief in and of itself – you’ll be able to breathe again! Another advantage of our system is the way we bundle all fees into your loan. You’ll never see a “surprise” on your statement.

Should you repay your loan earlier than scheduled, you won’t be fined or penalized in any way. A customer-favorite advantage is our use of property as credit – we don’t even check your credit, so a poor score will never affect your loan.

In-House Loans

All of your information will be handled professionally and discretely by Direct Tax Loan employees. We don’t outsource, and we don’t use third parties for any portion of our process.

When you call us, regardless of the reason, you’ll speak to a local agent. We believe in the highest standards of customer service.

This includes safeguarding your sensitive information and providing friendly, helpful staff to assist you every step of the way.

Customized Solutions

Direct Tax Loan understands that each client’s financial situation is different. Therefore, we offer different payment plans which are customized according to your property, loan size and ability to repay. This proven technique ensures a loan which meets your needs and budget requirements.

You can also use our customizable payment options for the addition of money to a loan. If you’re unable to pay upcoming taxes, call us before they become back taxes. We may be able to restructure your loan to meet your needs.

NO Credit Check

If you’ve been turned down for loans, charged outrageous interest rates or otherwise suffered due to a poor credit history, you can relax. We will never check your credit in order to help you repay real estate property taxes!

Your “credit,” with our technique, is your property. In addition to sparing you from unnecessarily high interest rates or being flat-out denied, this also saves your credit rating.

Each time a company checks your credit, it counts as a negative against your overall credit score. Why add to an already-poor score? We’re dedicated to helping your improve your financial standing – not damage it even further.

Free Title Clearing

If your back property taxes have anything to do with a disputed title, we can help! Our knowledgeable team of real estate tax consultants can review your title and help you get it cleared.

There are many reasons why a title may be dispute, including an unclear or missing will, a separation or divorce, an inheritance before marriage, a Webb County clerk’s office clerical error, and many more.

You may even be dealing with a lawsuit filed against your property, notified through a lis pendens. Call us today and learn how clearing up a title can pave the way for clearing back taxes.

NO Out of Pocket Fees

We don’t believe in charging customers extra fees, “hiding” fees in an otherwise reasonable interest rate, or any of the other tricks often used to gouge consumers. In fact, we believe in a clear, easy to understand process, with all fees visible and understood.

All your fees will be bundled into your loan. This means that you’ll have one simple, easy to handle bill each month regarding your loan repayment. No surprises, no hidden costs, just an easy way out of property tax problems.

Quick Loan Process

Direct Tax Loan works with Laredo tax professionals to deliver the quickest possible transaction. Our employees are some of the best in the business, ready and eager to take on any property tax challenge.

After submitting your case, approval takes just 72 hours. After approval, you’ll see your taxes paid off in seven to ten business days.

When it comes to taxes, each day counts. Every day and month that you put off payment, you’re accruing costly interest and fees. You could be damaging your credit if your back taxes are over a certain threshold. If nothing else, you’re subjecting yourself to painful financial worries.

Imagine – in a little over a week, you could be entirely free of Webb County tax debt! Call today to discover just how easily Direct Tax Loan can free you from back taxes.


APPLY OVER THE PHONE: (832) 564-0216


We Can Ease Your Burden

An alarming number of property owners in Laredo, TX fail to pay their property tax bills. For some reasons, which are out of their control, some of them simply can’t afford to pay their tax bills.

Loss of a job is also another major reason some property owners find themselves unable to clear their tax bills. There is a high price to pay when you can’t pay your property tax bills.

For instance, unpaid taxes can result in significant penalties and fines. Your property might also be sold by the county tax authority to recover any accumulative amount you owe them. There is a quick solution to this.

Direct Tax Loan can give you a quick loan to help you clear unpaid taxes and avoid county fines and penalties. Our property tax lender strives to find a quick solution to meet every borrower’s needs. Feel free to talk to our knowledgeable property tax advisors today.

Pay Off My Taxes Today