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Why should I choose to work with Direct Tax Loan to help pay off my property taxes in Braunfels, TX?
  • You will be able to stop all increase of large penalties, interest, and fees from the county in a mere week!
  • You can avoid high payments when you repay our loan! We offer very convenient 2-10 year repayment terms, and lesser interest rates compared to the costs your county would charge.
  • There are no application fees, down payment, or out of pocket expenses when you work with us!
How much will I be charged for working with Direct Tax Loan to pay off my New Braunfels, TX property taxes?

You will not be charged a penny for our services! All you have to pay off is the loan our company provides you with over the agreed amount of time needed to do so.

I need to urgently pay off my property taxes. How quickly can Direct Tax Loan help me take care of my unpaid taxes in Braunfels, TX?

Very quick! Our company property tax loan process can have your unpaid taxes paid off in three to five days!


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

If you are a homeowner, you may have fallen behind on consecutive property tax payments at some point in your life. It can be because of many reasons like family emergencies, job loss, or personal health costs.

Whichever reason it could be, time is passing by, your tax bill is increasing, and foreclosure of your property could be a reality.

Do something before it’s too late to do anything at all, and get your property tax loan from Direct Tax Loan. We will make you an offer that requires no cash down, and flexible 2-10 repayment plans to best suit you!

Consider All Options

Home owners usually consider using a property tax loan to pay off their delinquent taxes and avoid foreclosure. It is a safe choice if you want to protect your home ownership rights and want to dodge other legal action taken against you.

However, depending on your unique situation, there are other options to also consider when in tax debt. Direct Tax Loan will tell you if you need a property tax loan or not.

Perhaps you are disabled or over 65 years old, our experienced team members will inform you about your eligibility for a tax deferral from your county Tax Assessor’s office. If you choose to come to us, you can be sure that we’ll let you know if there is a better option.

Understand Tax Loans

The process of attaining a property tax loan can be a complicated one, but unfortunately many Texas property owners are unaware that this could be the most convenient option for them. The tax lender pays your taxes to the taxing unit and then sets up a payment plan with you.

A tax lender now has lien on your property, which holds as security for payments. This tax lien allows the lender the right to foreclose on your property if you default. Although tax lenders have the power to do this, a 2012 State of Texas study showed that tax lenders foreclosed on only 0.7 percent of loans they made.

You have more of a chance of going into foreclosure working with mortgage lenders versus tax lenders like us. Choose convenience and save money instead of wasting another day uncertain of what to do next.

Tax Loan Advantage

One of the greatest benefits you gain when you work with a tax lender like Direct Tax Loan is fast relief from growing delinquent property taxes owed.

You are taking action to change your current financial circumstances as soon as you fill out our online application or make the call. You provide us with the appropriate information, we process the loan, and then pay off your property tax debt.

Direct Tax loan requires no money down to get the loan, and we have no prepayment penalty to pay it early or pay extra. We simply make the entire experience swift, stress-free, and affordable.

In-House Loans

You will not have to worry anymore about getting lost in the system or being disregarded altogether after taking out a property tax loan with us because we service 100 percent of our loans.

That’s right, we make getting assistance for your loan personalized and within our company. If you have a problem making a payment and need to call us, you can skip the hassle of calling multiple phone numbers, but instead always calling the same one.

Unlike many tax lender companies, you can talk to the same person you always talked to about your loan details. We value the experience you share with us, and will be ready to help.

Customized Solutions

Direct Tax Loan strives to provide our clients with not only fast and personalized service, but tailored solutions to your unique situation. Are you struggling to decide whether a property tax loan is right for you?

Look no further because our experienced staff are prepared to give you expert advice on what to do next. We will make sure you have looked into all other possible options before telling you that a tax loan is the answer.

You really have nothing to lose by making a call today to see what solution works for you. All of your information will be kept confidential when you choose us.

NO Credit Check

If you are behind on property taxes, chances are you also are dealing with a time in your life of financial uncertainty. Other bills besides your real estate taxes may have started to increase, and your credit score has been negatively affected.

You are scared that your credit score may plummet even lower than it already has if you take out a loan, and you don’t even know if you will be eligible for one. Here at Direct Tax Loan, we will not check your credit.

Based on your income and affordability, we can give you a loan despite having a terrible credit score. Choose us for a loan to take the stress of unpaid tax bills off your shoulders.

Free Title Clearing

Improper filing of paperwork can sometimes lead to legal problems for homeowners who have inherited properties from an individual.

It could be under unfortunate circumstances in which the previous title owner is now deceased and cannot submit the proper documentation. In cases like these, Direct Tax Loan will be able to refer you to a network of attorneys abled and ready to assist you in the title clearing process.

Once you get the title of the property cleared, you can give us a call and we will get the loan approval process you have been waiting for started and your taxes paid for.

NO Out of Pocket Fees

If you choose to apply for a property tax loan with our company, you can rest assure that there will be absolutely no out of pocket costs.

We value your experience, and start off by giving you a free, no obligation estimate of what a tax loan would be. We have no closing costs or application fees, and best of all, ask for no down payment on the loan.

We are one of the fastest and cheapest options you have when stuck in a financial mess, and service representatives are more than happy to get you started on your new loan journey.

Quick Loan Process

As soon as you call, we will ask you a few questions about the debt on your property and begin the process of loan approval. This approval process can take a mere few days, and your property taxes can be paid in three to five business days!

It really is that quick and simple. The sooner you contact us about a loan, the sooner you can say goodbye to seemingly endless county penalties, interest, and other fees delinquent taxes have caused.

Take ownership of both your property and life today! Trust us to solve any foreclosure or government lawsuits in its tracks.


APPLY OVER THE PHONE: (866) 723-0321


We Can Ease Your Burden

As a property owner, you may need a little help paying your increasing tax bills because of unexpected financial hardships such as household bills, tuition fees or medical bills.

Clearing your property tax debt is important, because it will help you avoid county penalties that may be charged on your unpaid tax.

There are several property tax lenders that promise to offer property tax loans in New Braunfels, Texas. However, not all of them live up to their promises. Some of them are out to scam unsuspecting property owners with higher interest rates.

Direct Tax Loan is one of the most trusted property tax lenders in New Braunfels, Texas.

We can give you one of our competitive property tax loans to help you pay your increasing tax bills and penalties you might have been accruing.

Many property owners in this city come to us because we are easy to work with. Contact our property tax specialists to get started.

Pay Off My Taxes Today