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Can My Property Taxes be Paid Off with Direct Tax Loan in Round Rock, Texas?

Yes! We work with your Williamson County tax office, we can immediately pay off what you owe. We’ll customize a plan, based on your budget and loan, which will allow you to pay off the money in installments.

To qualify for Direct Tax Loan services, some qualifications must be met:

  • The property in question must be legally yours, and you must be over 18.
  • Your property taxes must be delinquent.
  • You can’t be in bankruptcy.
How Much Money does Direct Tax Loan Charge for a Loan?

Your fees will be bundled into the loan itself. This means you’ll never be asked a down payment or application fee. The only expense you’ll incur is the loan. Texas state regulations lay out the rates, which are all included.

Taking into account the size of your loan and the amount of time you wish to take to pay it off, we’ll tailor a payment plan for you. This will be lower than typical Williamson County charges.

How Fast Is A Round Rock, Texas Property Tax Loan?

You can be pre-approved in 48 hours, fully approved in 72 hours and have your taxes paid in as little as 7 to 10 days!


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

Williamson County can charge you a lot of fees and interest for delinquency. Together, these penalties, fees and interest can add up to 47% of the amount you owe during the first 12 months.

In later years, this amount will rise at a rate of 1% per month of delinquency. A Direct Tax Loan is a far less expensive and hassle-free option for dealing with your property taxes in Round Rock, Texas.

Consider All Options

Property tax loans can be a real lifesaver. However, you may be in a category which makes them less than ideal for your. If you are over 65 or disabled, for example, a tax deferral may be a better option. We can help guide you in this process.

We can also help you negotiate direction with your taxing office. Payment plans can be set up this way, especially if you owe delinquent taxes on a homestead property.

If you decide that a tax loan is the right choice for your Round Rock property taxes, rest assured that we follow all Texas laws. These laws govern loan rates and protect borrowers like yourself.

Understand Tax Loans

Williamson County property tax can be confusing. If you feel overwhelmed by your delinquent taxes, you’ll love the simplicity of a tax loan. It will help immediately by paying your delinquent property taxes and related fees. It keeps on helping through simple, budget-friendly payments.

The process is quite simple. Your property lien will be transferred to us, giving us the legal right to foreclose on your property. However, we take every possible step to work with you and avoid this last resort option. After your Texas property tax loan is repaid, we release the lien.

Tax Loan Advantage

A Round Rock property tax loan is advantageous in many ways. As soon as your taxes are paid off, interest, penalties and fees will stop immediately.

We don’t believe in nickel-and-diming you to death. We’ve built our business model on discarding extras like background checks, credit checks, application fees and downpayments.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Texas property tax loans is their power to stop the potential lawsuits, legal fees and foreclosure which can result from seriously delinquent property taxes.

In-House Loans

Personalized customer service matters to consumers, and at Direct Tax Loan, we understand how overwhelming the process can be. In-house processing means that you’ll receive the best customer service possible. We never outsource, and we never put your highly sensitive financial information at risk.

If you’re tired of huge offices where you speak with different person – or a computerized voice – every time you call, you’ll love Direct Tax Loan. We understand the importance of one-on-one service and won’t settle for anything less than happy, satisfied customers.

Customized Solutions

Every customer’s financial situation is different, and this means that each Direct Tax Loan transaction has to reflect those differences. We work hard to customize plans for each client, figuring out a payment plan which fits your unique budget.

We also have ways to help you if financial crises pop up outside your current loan. If you feel that your upcoming taxes may be late, let us know right away. We can figure out a solution to help you avoid fees, penalties and foreclosure.

NO Credit Check

Nobody enjoys submitting to a credit check. Not only do they hurt your current credit rating, but they force you to pay for the mistakes of the past. You’re trying to move forward out of debt, not stay mired in past misfortunes!

This is precisely why we don’t run credit checks at Direct Tax Loan. Your loan won’t be secured by your credit history – it’s secured by the property in question. Credit checks can hurt your credit rating. Our goal is to offer help paying property taxes, not damage your current financial situation!

Free Title Clearing

Poorly managed or otherwise in-question titles are a common cause of delinquent property taxes. This can happen for many reasons. Often, a family member dies and leaves a home or property, but no will stating who inherits. Separations, clerical errors, inheritance before marriage and certain types of lawsuits can all bring a title into question.

A title in question can prevent your from selling your home. We have an extremely knowledgeable staff who will be happy to assist you in clearing up title issues. A clear title can be the first step toward independence from back taxes.

NO Out of Pocket Fees

Direct Tax Loan understands that you’re under enough financial strain as it is – we don’t want to add any! This is why we don’t charge out of pocket fees such as application fees or down payments. Everything is neatly bundled into your loan, which you will pay off in monthly installments.

We want you to be crystal-clear on the process, even before we begin. This is why we’ll send you a “Good Faith Estimate,” outlining everything. Best of all, your estimate is free!

We’re in the business of helping people move up into financial freedom, not bogging them down with endless fees and ‘hidden’ costs. Call today and learn how easy loans for property taxes can be!

Quick Loan Process

Our staff is second to none when it comes to tax law and delinquent tax loans in and around Round Rock, Texas. We take pride in the fact that our customers enjoy not only speedy service, but top-quality service as well.

Just how speedy? The answers may surprise you. In just 48 hours, your loan may be pre-approved. In only 72 hours, full approval is possible, and within 7 to 10 business days, your taxing office can be fully paid off.

Our staff is committed to customer service at the highest possible level. Give us a call and learn how close you may be to property tax relief!


APPLY OVER THE PHONE: (866) 723-0321


We Can Ease Your Burden

You may be wondering how to pay your property taxes in Round Rock, Texas. Don’t lose hope yet because there must be a way out. Furthermore, you are not the only one in Round Rock struggling to pay tax bills. There are many property owners with the same problem as yours.

Several unfortunate things may happen to you if you fail to pay your property tax bills. For instance, the county tax department may place a property tax lien on your property if you continue to default.

You may also find yourself accruing fines or other heavy penalties. Your problem does not end here. Your property may also be sold to cover the accumulated tax debts.

You don’t have to worry about losing your property or accumulating fines. Direct Tax Loan is a Round Rock-based property tax lender ready to offer you a low interest property tax loan.

You can use the loan to cover unpaid property tax debt, fees, accruals, and other penalties. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Pay Off My Taxes Today