List of 10 Best Property Tax Loan Companies in Temple TX

Omega Builders

All of the lenders featured here are local lenders who are able to provide our home buyers with face-to-face personalized service – not only are they knowledgeable of the loan & financing options available, but they have worked with Omega Builders and understand the requirements needed to ensure a smooth home buying process.

They are here to guide you through your mortgage application whether you buy a complete home and are looking for a quick close, you need to repair your credit, or you plan to build your dream home.

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

In the highly competitive world of mortgage financing, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation is a company where customer service is a way of life. Company President Steve Jacobson exemplifies the corporate philosophy.

We’re a team, says Jacobson. “”Fairway, the lender and the customer. We work together to make the dream of owning a home a reality.

Cornerstone Home Lending

At Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc., you will find caring, seasoned professionals dedicated to making your home-financing experience a lifelong relationship and most especially, one that is both beneficial and gratifying.

Based in Houston and founded in 1988 by Chairman and CEO, Marc Laird, we are a unique mortgage lender with thousands of highly-satisfied repeat clients and there is a reason that our customers return to Cornerstone year after year, loan after loan. Cornerstone’s mission statement demonstrates that our main professional goal is to make a positive contribution to our clients’ lives. Quite simply, we operate with integrity, we treat our clients with the utmost respect, and we deliver the highest levels of customer service in the industry.

DHI Mortgage

DHI Mortgage was created for one purpose, our customers. We are here to provide as seamless a homebuying experience as possible, with your financial goals in mind. That was D.R. Horton’s mission 40 years ago, and it is still the same today.


Texell is committed to improving the financial lives of our members and of those who live in the communities we serve. We present seminars for employers, civic organizations and business groups. If you are interested in Texell presenting to your group, just call or email us.


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Is Direct Tax Loan someone that can help pay off my property taxes in Temple TX?

Direct Tax Loan can make an instant payment directly to the Temple county tax office. Direct Tax Loan can settle any money that you owe them. After that, we have several payment options we can offer you, and will work with you to find the best one for your particular needs.

Our services have the following requirements:

  • Be over age 18 and own the property
  • Have overdue property taxes
  • Not be in the bankruptcy process
How much cost is there for a property tax loan with Direct Tax Loan?

Direct Tax Loan requires no upfront costs or service fees for our property tax loans. Down payments are also not required. Your Direct Tax Loan contains all your costs. All costs included in the loan are regulated by the State of Texas.

We will ask you your preferences regarding the amount of time you’d like to pay off the loan, the loan amount, and your property type. Based on your answers, we will calculate a cost and interest rate. Our costs are lower than what the county tax office will charge you.

Can I get my property tax loan fast in Temple TX?

For sure! Property tax loans with us can be processed and approved within 72 hours. Outstanding Temple property taxes are usually paid within seven to ten days.


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

If you are behind on your property tax failure, it’s not just the tax amounts that pile up. Every day you wait to pay the late balance makes the total costs bigger and bigger.

Tax offices usually charge you penalties, interest, and fees. These amounts can add 47% to the tab of your late taxes during first year alone. After the first year, the balance you owe keeps growing at a steady rate of 1% a month.

Inaction is stressful and expensive. You can get peace of mind and save a lot of money by calling Direct Tax Loan today.

Consider All Options

Property tax loans are sometimes not the right answer. Direct Tax Loan understands that. We also have the expertise to know if there is a better option for you, and if so we will let you know.

Other options commonly available include tax deferrals for qualifying property, and direct negotiations with the tax office for homestead properties.

If negotiation is the best route, we can help you communicate with your tax office to hammer out a favorable payment plan. If a property tax loan turns out to be the best answer, Direct Tax Loan follows State of Texas regulations that protect borrowers.

Understand Tax Loans

What is a property tax loan? A property tax loan is a tool to help you to pay your property taxes quickly, and also save money and prevent foreclosure. For those facing property tax delinquency, Direct Tax Loan pays your taxes directly to your tax office.

After that, we set up a payment plan for you to repay the tax loan. Tax liens on property are transferred from the tax office to Direct Tax Loan. Any liens are released upon repayment of the loan.

A lien is used for by a tax office or Direct Tax Loan for security against someone not paying by granting the right to foreclose on your property. Direct Tax Loan has a very low foreclosure rate and we do everything possible to help you avoid foreclosure.

Tax Loan Advantage

Property tax loans have multiple advantages. Number one, they stop mounting penalties, interest, and collection fees assessed by tax offices on your late tax amounts. Next, Direct Tax Loan does not require any down payments or expenses for our loans, and there is no prepayment penalty.

If you pay the loan off early or pay more per month than needed, that’s no problem. On top of all that, Direct Tax Loan does not perform credit or background checks. We also don’t perform any house inspections.

Cutting out these items allows us super-fast loan processing, usually done within a week. Just as important, a property tax loan from Direct Tax Loan can prevent collection lawsuits from the tax office.

In-House Loans

Direct Tax Loan services all of our own loans, we collect all of our own payments, and we keep regular contact with all of our customers. Any calls you get about your loan will be from us, never from another company.

Customers get high-quality service from our office staff. You’ll get to know our office staff and enjoy calling us. Your account information is kept confidential and not shared with outside parties.

It’s possible to solve your property tax issues in a way that is enjoyable and affordable. All it takes is a call to our dedicated and friendly associates.

Customized Solutions

Our payment plans are always customized for each customer. We know that are customers are all unique individuals with different circumstances, so our payment plans are tailored to each customer’s needs.

Direct Tax Loan does not offer one-size-fits-all payment plans! Direct Tax Loan also works with our clients to restructure additional tax amounts due money.

If you have an outstanding loan with us and know that you will be late on your upcoming taxes, we can help take care of it. Don’t be afraid to reach out, because Direct Tax Loan wants to help you get the property tax advice you’re looking for.

NO Credit Check

Here at Direct Tax Loan, we don’t need your credit score. In fact, we don’t even review it. 98% of our applicants are approved, including if they have bad credit.

Why don’t we need to check your credit? Because your loan is secured with your property. The existence of the property and the transfer of the lien from the tax office gives security to Direct Tax Loan against default.

Without property, default security is normally looked at through a credit rating. Direct Tax Loan wants to make qualifying and getting approval for a property tax loan simple, fast, easy, and open to everyone.

Free Title Clearing

Property tax issues can result from problems with the property title. When outside parties are involved or ownership is disputed, fixing problems can become complicated. Common title issues can result from the following:

  • Existing liens on the property
  • A missing, disputed, or incomplete will
  • Property boundary disputes
  • Errors in the county office
  • Invalid power of attorney

The list above does not include all title issues. But whatever the issue, Direct Tax Loan can work with you to resolve it. Resolving title issues is often the first step towards paying delinquent property taxes. Our top concern is doing whatever it takes to settle your delinquent property taxes.

NO Out of Pocket Fees

You might be surprised with how simple it is to get Direct Tax Loan services. All you need to worry about is one monthly loan payment. That’s it. No having to keep track of application fee, down payments, upcharges, or any other fees. Any fee or cost is included directly in the loan.

Part of our commitment to customer service includes a willingness to discuss loan options available to you. We also will provide a full estimate of your loan. Neither the consultation nor the estimate will cost you anything.

We will send a loan estimate to you before anything is finalized so that you know the exact terms of your loan. We are always working to save the money of our clients!

Quick Loan Process

Direct Tax Loan prides itself on excellent customer service. We also pride ourselves on our fast loan turnaround times. In fact, our times are some of the fastest in the Temple mortgage and property tax industry.

Direct Tax Loan works with some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the industry. Their experience allows them to assess your needs quickly and get the ball rolling on your loan.

Our loans are typically pre-approved within forty-eight hours. Incredibly, we can complete a review of an application and final approval in around seventy-two hours from start to finish! A quick call to Direct Tax Loan is the first step towards quick property tax resolution.


We Can Ease Your Burden

Are you stressed about how you will pay your property taxes? Do you already have delinquent taxes? At Direct Tax Loan, we offer property tax loans to Temple TX property owners.

We are dedicated to helping our clients overcome the challenge of paying property tax. You could be a commercial or residential property owner that is almost losing their property to foreclosure.

If this is the case, then it means that you already have a property tax debt. Our company is dedicated to not only pay the delinquent taxes but the current taxes as well.

We will help pay your tax bill, including the interests, penalty charges, or any other fee relating to an unpaid tax of the past. We are a property tax lender that serves every type of owner with their property.

Whether you own a home, a business building, or raw land, we are here to help you financially. We offer our loans at a fast approval, along with low interests and friendly repayment terms. Call us today and let us help you pay your property tax bills with ease.

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