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Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc

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1st Alliance Mortgage LLC

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Fedstar Credit Union

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Will Direct Tax Loan help me pay off my property taxes in College Station TX?

We can help you pay your property tax dues. Direct Tax Loan will have a working relationship with your tax office to pay any remaining balance you owe immediately. We will provide experts to help you decide on a budget-friendly monthly payment option.

The only criteria you need to meet to reach approval are:

  • A property owner aged eighteen or older.
  • Overdue Texas property taxes.
  • You currently cannot be in a state of bankruptcy.
What are the costs of getting a tax loan from Direct Tax Loan?

Direct Tax Loan does not charge any down payments or out-of-pocket fees to apply for a tax loan. Your loan costs are dependent on the prices given by your tax office and the government of Texas.

Your loan costs are calculated by the amount taken to pay it off, the property type, and the overall loan amount you needed. The cost, with the interest rate included, will still be lower than the amount your county would charge you.

Direct Tax Loan understands your money needs and worries. You need to pay your property tax soon. We are here to help you fast and fairly.

What is the approximate wait time for getting a property tax loan in College Station TX?

In three business day you can have your property tax loan approved and processed. Within seven to ten days, Direct Tax Loan usually has property taxes paid.


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

If you’re in a tight money situation, paying your taxes may not be your first priority. Paying taxes on time can be a difficult task. However, you must pay your taxes on time to prevent paying even more later on. Late property tax expenses will add up, especially in the first year.

Paying your taxes late can get you into trouble. You have other expenses to take care of and bills to pay so taxes may not be your top priority. You risk penalties unfortunately if you don’t pay on time. Interest rate and fees are at almost 47% of your delinquent taxes during your first year. Then, your balance grows monthly at 1%.

Use a tax loan from Direct Tax Loan to prevent added expenses and high rates. Choose the cheaper option, it is less than what you would end up paying if you paid your taxing unit late.

Consider All Options

Property tax loans may not be the answer you’re looking for. Direct Tax Loan understands and will help you in your search for other options.

Direct Tax Loan will provide a solution to your problem. Disabilities and poor health can account for getting a tax deferral for your property, we can help you with this. If you’re in a tight money situation and you aren’t looking to take out a loan, you can set up a payment plan for your homestead property with your tax office.

You can get a property tax loan under the conditions of State of Texas regulations that protect borrowers. Direct Tax Loan will determine what option best fits you.

Understand Tax Loans

If you are having a hard time taking care of your expenses, you may be interested in taking out a loan to pay your taxes. You can pay your property taxes quickly by taking out a loan with Direct Tax Loan.

Your taxing unit will receive your taxes paid directly if you are a delinquent on property taxes. A payment plan can be set up to help you pay your loan. Your property will have a lien held by the taxing unit. The taxing unit transfers the lien to Direct Tax Loan then is released when the loan is paid back.

The lien acts as a security for payment by granting the holder of the lien the right to foreclose the property if you default. Most Texas tax lenders don’t foreclose their homes and Direct Tax Loan will make sure you don’t either.

Tax Loan Advantage

Taking out a loan for taxes can have its advantages. Direct Tax Loan can keep you from having the taxing unit from increasing the delinquent amount you owe.

The advantages of a tax loan are no down payments or application fee required. You also won’t be penalized for paying earlier or more per month than what was originally stated. You’ll also avoid a foreclosure or lawsuit by taking out a property tax loan.

Direct Tax Loan can have your tax loaning process done in one week. You won’t have to have a credit check, background check or house inspection to take out a loan.

In-House Loans

Taking out loans can be troubling. Direct Tax Loan makes it as convenient as possible. By providing all your loan service needs in one place you don’t have search for more help. Your statements are available to you on a regular basis and we collect our own payments.

Customers will be able to deal with their tax loans with ease with all their loans in one place. Direct Tax Loan holds all loan information private so you can get your property tax loan so you can feel secure loaning from us. You don’t have to pay your taxes late, help is only a quick call or email away.

Customized Solutions

Every individual is different so we create customized solutions for each customer. Direct Tax Loan sets up payment plans to fit each person’s situation differently.

Individuals who are approved for a loan have access to this help. Whether you need a property tax loan or a loan for something else, Direct Tax Loan can help.

Loans can be structured to account for tax money that is due outside the original loan. We consider outstanding loans you may have with us as well if you’re also late on your upcoming taxes. We are here to help you with all your tax loan needs.

NO Credit Check

Direct Tax Loan does not make you feel insecure about your credit score. We won’t ever run your credit score so that an inquiry isn’t added onto your credit report. Whether you have poor or okay credit, you will be able to take out a loan.

By approving 98% of our applicants, we are passionate about helping those in need. We allow this because your loan is secured by your property.

Direct Tax Loan allows everyone to apply. We make it simple for people in need to qualify and get approved for all of our loans.

Free Title Clearing

Title issues may occur when you’re interested and researching getting a loan. These issues may need to be cleared. Such issues apply:

  • A loved one passing away without a will
  • A separated but not yet divorced couple
  • A person who hasn’t given their hand in marriage but has inherited property
  • Your property has a lis pendens, a lawsuit, filed against your property
  • The county clerk office has no record of the original purchase transaction

We can help you resolve your property title issues. Direct Title Loan will investigate your home title and help solve it as your delinquent taxes are our main concern.

NO Out of Pocket Fees

Direct Tax Loan understands real world problems. Not everyone is able to pay their taxes right away. We aspire to help keep your expenses low. Direct Tax Loan doesn’t charge you to apply, pay upfront, or put a down payment. Your fees will be included in the loan.

At no extra cost, you can receive a full estimate and summary of options for your loans. Direct Tax Loan will give you a “Good Faith Estimate” so you have full knowledge of your terms of the loan. Our goal is to help you with loans fast.

Quick Loan Process

You’re in a hurry to pay your taxes. If you pay your taxes late you risk high-interest rates, penalties, and possible foreclosures. The deadline can’t be extended and you don’t have time to find another way to make money for taxes. The application process can be extraneous.

You will have a quick turnaround time on your loans at Direct Tax Loan. It takes approximately two days to pre-approve loans. The review and final approval of a complete application typically takes three days. We will have your taxes paid fast.


We Can Ease Your Burden

Worried about increasing county fees and penalties on those taxes you’ve been unable to pay? Direct Tax Loan offers quick property tax loans in College Station, TX that can help you hold on to your property and save money while at it.

Securing a loan does not always have to be a lengthy or challenging process.We’re a Texas-based property tax lender that remains committed to helping out owners throughout the state, to obtain the loans they need to pay tax bills on either commercial or residential property.

When you trust us with paying off those taxes, you’ll be putting your finances in qualified hands that actually care about your welfare.

We take pride in curating unique plans for each customer, to ensure they’re content with the loan package and total savings. Stop sitting around while those taxes and penalty fees increase on your watch.

Added delinquent fees, foreclosure, lawsuits and eventual property loss. These are issues you’ll never have to worry about if you make the choice to work with our team at Direct Tax Loan.

We’re right at the corner, and ready to assist you in saying goodbye to those county fees. Get in touch with us today and see how we can provide you with quick property tax loans in College Station, TX.

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