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PointBank’s strong financial foundation provides us with the lending power we need to help you meet all of your loan needs, and with our long history as the expert Denton County community bank, our deep roots in Denton County, and our local decision-making, you will find us to be flexible and responsive to your loan needs. If you have questions or are ready to get the loan process started call, email, or stop by one of our branch locations today.

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Can Direct Tax Loan help pay off my property taxes in Denton TX?

Direct Tax Loan can definitely help to pay off your property taxes. We work with the Denton county tax office to quickly start paying off whatever payments you owe.

Before you can take advantage of Direct Tax Loan’s services the only requirements you have to meet are to be over the age of 18, have property taxes that are overdue, own the property and not be in bankruptcy.

How much will a property tax loan cost me with Direct Tax Loan?

A property tax loan with Direct Tax Loan will cost you $0 out of pocket. The only payments you make are your loan payments. We will then work with you to devise a payment plan that works best for your finances.

How fast can I get my property tax loan in Denton TX?

Direct Tax Loan takes pride in our ability to work quickly. We can have your loan approved within 3 days, and your taxes paid off within 7 to 10 days.


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

Failure to pay your property taxes can leave you wide open to be in loads of trouble. Delaying payment will cost you more in the long run. You will be charged fees, interest and penalties.

It’s important to act before things go terribly wrong. You could end up paying half of what you owe in taxes in just fees. That adds up to almost double of what you need to pay!

With Direct Tax Loan, we will work quickly to get you approved and get your taxes paid off. Using Direct Tax Loan is beneficial to you because it gets your taxes paid and your loan interests will be a much lower rate than your traditional bank loans.

Consider All Options

Sometimes property tax loans are not the best option. In those cases, Direct Tax Loan can help you figure out what your best option is.

There isn’t always one method that works for everyone’s situation and we understand that, even if your county tax office doesn’t.

If property tax loans aren’t in your best interest, don’t fret we are still here to help you look for options that will help you succeed. We don’t want to see you lose your home because of back tax payments. Direct Tax Loan is here to help.

Understand Tax Loans

If you find yourself behind in property taxes, it is important to understand your options. If you choose to apply for a property tax loan, you should do all the research you can. Even the word loan can be scary. Loans come with a bad reputation and understandably so.

You want to make sure you are taking a loan offer from an establishment that fully understands the ins and outs of loans. Not just any loans, but property tax loans.

Direct Tax Loans are those kind of people. We understand property tax loans and will do our absolute best to get you the loan you need in a timely fashion.

Tax Loan Advantage

You may be considering the advantages of a property tax loan. If you are behind on your property taxes, applying for a property tax loan will help you to get caught up.

Not only will you receive the money to pay your debt, but you will be able to avoid any further penalties, collection fees and high interest rates. If you are behind on your property taxes, you should act quickly and call Direct Tax Loan.

Here, we will get you on the road to recovery. We know all about the advantages of tax property loans and will act in your best interest to get your property taxes paid off for good.

In-House Loans

Many property tax lenders share your information with outside companies to help process your loan. This is both time consuming and potentially dangerous.

In today’s world we do not want companies sharing our personal information unless absolutely necessary. When trying to pay off property tax debt, you want to get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

With Direct Tax Loan, we do not work with any company that is not associated with your case. We keep your information within our company’s files and will not sell it or share it. You work directly with us to keep your loan process quick, safe, and efficient.

Customized Solutions

One size does not fit all. That’s true with clothes and it is true with loans. Not everyone will need the same services. Everyone and every case is different. At Direct Tax Loan we won’t just point out a prepared package loan to you.

We work with you and go over the things that you need and want. We take your life into account and custom craft a plan that will work for you and the things that you need.

Here at Direct Tax Loan we take the individual into account. That is how we treat you and your loan, like individuals.

NO Credit Check

Often times the deciding factor on if your loan is approved comes down to credit score. Many lenders may use your credit score to calculate how much of a risk you will be to lend to.

Not everyone has a great credit score, and it can be difficult for those people to get a property tax loan.

At Direct Tax Loan, we do not use your credit as a deciding factor on your approval. If you have bad credit don’t worry, we are still here and we can still help you.

Free Title Clearing

Is there an issue with the title of your house? You’re in luck because Direct Tax Loan can help with that.

When it comes to property tax loans there can be many issues that present themselves when it comes to title issues. In order to own the property, the title must be in your name, just living in the home isn’t enough.

Direct Tax Loan can help you straighten out your title issues. We would be happy to look deeper into your property to help clear the title and put it in your name making you the owner of the house.

NO Out of Pocket Fees

There are a plethora of advantages to our loan process here at Direct Tax Loan. NO credit score checks, which means you are more likely to get approved.

We can get your property tax loan approved in 3 days. After your loan is completed it takes only 7 to 10 days to pay!

We know that this is a hard time and we do not try to take advantage of this difficult time by charging you extra unnecessary fees. Any fees associated with closing will be presented to you up front. We will not present them to you at the last minute.

Quick Loan Process

Here at Direct Tax Loan, we take you and your taxes seriously. We value our clients, their time and their need to get their property taxes paid. Your loan is our top priority, and we will do whatever it is that we can to get you in a better situation.

With Direct Tax Loan you don’t have to worry about being just another customer. We treat you and your situation as unique. You can be sure that we will do our best to resolve your delinquent property tax issues in up to 10 days after you are approved.


We Can Ease Your Burden

If you are looking for a property tax loan in Denton, Texas, then you have come to the right place. Before we tell you how we can help you out, just keep in mind that you are not the only one struggling with property tax payment.

Several other people in this city find it hard to pay their property taxes because of financial hardships.

There are several reasons why you should worry about unpaid taxes. If you bought the property using a mortgage loan, your mortgage provider might foreclose on your property.

If you fully own a property, you are not safe either. The county authority will impose fines, accruals and other penalties on the unpaid taxes. It may also place a tax lien on your property until you pay the full redemption amount.

Direct Tax Loan is one of the largest property tax lender in Denton, Texas offering property tax loans to residential and commercial property owners.

You can get a quick loan from us to help you clear your tax bills and penalties on your unpaid tax bills. You can then pay us back through a flexible loan repayment plan. Don’t wait any longer. Contact us now and learn how we can help you.

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