List of 10 Best Property Tax Loan Companies in Lewisville TX

Premier Nationwide Lending

At Premier Nationwide Lending, it’s not just our experience that differentiates us from other mortgage companies – it’s our commitment to a quality customer relationship.

Our borrowers are the reason we exist, and we are committed to providing a superior lending experience one loan at a time.


NTFN is a full service mortgage banker headquartered in Lewisville, Texas. We value our customers and their needs first.

We understand the importance of homeownership, and we are committed to providing a high level of personal attention to our customers.

Stearns Home Loan

Stearns was born of the idea to help people succeed – also knowing that success looks different to every individual.

Daring to create an environment where employees, partners & clients would have the opportunity to achieve great things, Glenn Stearns founded Stearns Lending in 1989. And from that very first day, we’ve eagerly invested in our people to build strong, enduring communities.

Global Home Finance

Global Home Finance can help you find the mortgage solution that fits your needs, whether you are buying your first home or refinancing an existing mortgage.

We want to find the best mortgage for your home finance needs.

Supreme Lending

We believe that the customer comes first. Hear that phrase often? At Supreme Lending, we prove that it’s not just a catch phrase.

Experience what it’s like to be our priority when you work with loan officers that stay in touch throughout the process and get you and your family in your new home quickly and conveniently.


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List of ZIP codes that our listed Lewisville’s lenders serve:

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Can Direct Tax Loan help pay off my property taxes in LewisvilleTX?

Yes! Direct Tax Loan will work directly with your Lewisville county tax office to instantly pay off any money that you owe. We also offer a variety of affordable payment options that will meet your budget.

Loan applicants must meet these requirements:

  • Must be over the age of 18 and own the property in question.
  • Must have unpaid property taxes.
  • Must not currently be in bankruptcy.
How much will a property tax loan cost with Direct Tax Loan?

Direct Tax Loan does not charge any fees and no down payment is required! Meet with one of our advisers to find a desirable loan option and payment plan. You only pay the loan we lend and face no penalty for early or extra payments. All loan costs are regulated by the state and are wrapped into your loan.

How fast can I get a property tax loan in Lewisville TX?

Direct Tax Loan is proud to process and approve a property tax loan within 72 hours. Your Lewisville property taxes could be paid within seven to ten days.


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

Are you a Lewisville resident and falling behind on your Texas property taxes? Not paying the amount owed can lead to fines, penalties, and accrued interest on the total balance due.

Your local taxing unit is able to charge you almost double the cost of your original property taxes owed. More often than not, waiting to pay your property taxes can cost you more in the long run. Fortunately, Direct Tax Loan provides fast solutions, saving you time and money.

Consider All Options

Direct Tax Loan is happy to help research all viable options to help you pay off your unpaid property taxes. We will work our hardest to find the best solution to your unique circumstance.

Our dedicated team of top tax professionals know Texas property taxes and will go over every course of action to help you with your Lewisville property.

Understand Tax Loans

A tax loan is a loan you take out to cover the cost of a tax, in this case, your property tax. Direct Tax Loan lends the money you owe directly to your Texas taxing unit, making your delinquent property taxes go away.

We roll any fees and a fair interest rate into the loan to make it simple for you to pay it off. Direct Tax Loan will go over the best loan options we can give you with a detailed description of payment plans. Once you have paid off the loan, we will release the property lien.

If for some reason you default on your loan, Direct Tax Loan has the right to foreclose the property. However, we will be with you every step of the way and do everything in our power to prevent that from happening.

Tax Loan Advantage

There are many advantageous reasons to take out a tax loan. When you qualify for a Direct Tax Loan your overdue tax bills will be paid as quickly as possible, removing the immediate threat of lawsuit or foreclosure. Our tax loans come at far better interest rates and steady monthly payments than a credit card.

Direct Tax Loan asks for no down payment, no out-of-pocket expenses, and no penalties for paying the loan off early or for paying more than the negotiated amount. You can pay off the loan risk free as soon as you are able.

We want to pay your Lewisville property taxes as fast as possible. To speed up this process, we offer a quick turnaround rate. We aim to process your loan within one week!

In-House Loans

We provide financing, collect your payments, and will keep you up to date with steady statements on your progress. We’ll never send you to another company to find out information about your loan.

We offer everything you need to help pay off your delinquent taxes in a simple, efficient way. We offer outstanding customer service from beginning to end. We also use top notch technology and security so that your account information is kept safely and securely confidential.

Have a question? Call any of our trusted representatives and they will securely answer any concerns about your account while maintaining utmost confidentiality.

Customized Solutions

We’re happy to create a repayment plan that fits in with your financial situation so that you can pay off your loan and be in good standing with your property taxes. At Direct Tax Loan, we believe every customer is unique and offer a payment plan that provides solutions to those customer’s unique needs.

We can also provide restructuring for additional tax money, if needed. If you are certain you will be unable to make your next payment with Direct Tax Loan, contact one of our representatives ASAP.

We won’t let your unpaid property taxes get in the way of you and your San Marcos property. Let us help you with our Texas based property tax loans.

NO Credit Check

There is no need for Direct Tax Loan to run a check on your credit score. When you take out a loan the property secures the loan, making a credit review completely unnecessary. So there is no need to worry if you have poor credit.

Free Title Clearing

Our property tax consultants are also able to help you clear title. Many Americans find themselves in title troubles for these common reasons:

  • Errors in public records
  • Illegal deeds
  • Missing heirs
  • Unknown liens
  • Forgeries

We go above and beyond to meet your real estate tax needs. Helping you investigate and research your title issues is just one of the extra ways we do.

NO Out of Pocket Fees

We try to make taking out your tax loan as simple as possible by rolling any necessary fees into one simple loan. We’ll go over every payment plan available to you after you qualify, helping you find the best arrangement we can offer.

We can even offer a FREE property tax loan estimator with our calculator, giving you a clear vision of your loan repayment plan and your future.

Quick Loan Process

We know it’s hard when you have delinquent tax bills hanging over your head. We try to cure that discomfort by offering a quick application process, pre-approval when possible, review, and final stamp of approval in as few as 3 days.


We Can Ease Your Burden

Property taxes in Lewisville, Texas are often paid through an escrow account set up by the lender. This means you must pay additional money for property taxes to the lender separately or together with the amount borrowed and interest.

However, when faced with financial problems, you may find it hard to pay tax bills. If you can’t pay your tax bills when they are due, you may find yourself accruing significant county fees interests and other penalties on your unpaid property taxes.

Also, accumulated property taxes can lead to the sale of your property. Our property tax lender in Lewisville TX can give you a quick loan to help you cover unpaid property tax debt, fees, interests, and penalties.

We are ready to assist you to relieve the burden of property ownership. After receiving the loan from us, you can then repay us in affordable monthly payments over a given period of time. Feel free to get in touch for more information about our property tax loans.

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