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My Home Loans, LLC

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El Paso Property Tax Loans

Our interest rates vary based on you, the property, and the location. We’ll need to talk to you to quote you a rate, but even our highest rates are about a third of the cost the city of El Paso will charge in penalties, interest, and fees over the first year. Plus, our property tax loans don’t have any prepayment penalties, so you can pay us off at any time or pay extra along the way to retire the loan faster.

Rocky Mountain Mortgage Co

Rocky Mountain Mortgage Company is a locally-owned, full service Mortgage Banking company. We have been providing home loans to first time buyers, growing families, and people moving to El Paso since 1985.

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

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The Texas Mortgage Pros

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality service for your mortgage needs. Combined with the lowest rate and multiple loan programs available in your area – Spring, San Antonio, Tomball, The Woodlands, Dallas, Austin and Houston, Texas.


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Will my property taxes currently owed to El Paso County be paid off using Direct Tax Loans?

El Paso County and Direct Tax Loans will work together to ensure outstanding finances are settled. You will then set up a personalized and affordable payment plan with Direct Tax Loans.

The minimum requirements include:

  • Over 18 and ownership of the property.
  • Overdue on your property taxes.
  • Not currently experiencing bankruptcy.
What costs are associated with taking out a property tax loan with Direct Tax Loan?

With no upfront fees or down payments, Direct Tax Loans aim to keep the costs lower than what the El Paso County offers. Through examining your loan amount, property type, and timeframe, Direct Tax Loan costs will reflect your financial situation.

What timeframe can I expect when getting my property tax loan?

What timeframe can I expect when getting my property tax loan?
In El Paso TX we will process your property tax loan within 72 hours. The taxes owed to El Paso County are reviewed and paid within seven to ten days.


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

Can you afford to keep paying the additional fees, charges, and interest that comes with property taxes? Property taxes can charge you enormous expenses, leaving you swamped with your finances.

The taxing unit can increase your tax bill up to 47%, especially in the first year. Furthermore, your bill will then continue to grow 1% per month.

Securing a tax loan with Direct Tax Loans will help save you time and money. Taking action on your property taxes today will save you money in the future.

Consider All Options

Do you know if you are eligible for a tax deferral? Taxes deferred can mean financial ease until you are back on your feet.

Persons over the age of 65 or those with a disability are considered eligible for a tax deferral. If you do not fit into these categories, Direct Tax Loans can help you consult with the tax office.

Here you can mediate a payment plan on your homestead property. If you are eligible for a tax deferral, Direct Tax Loans can help seek the deferral for your property.

Understand Tax Loans

For many customers, one of the hurdles is understanding your property taxes. Our clients in El Paso County often ask, what is a tax lien or foreclosure when they are applying for a loan.

Direct Tax Loan takes pride in ensuring their customers understand these terminologies. A lien is the right to keep a property until a debt has been paid or discharged. The lien on your property will be transferred from the taxing unit to Direct Tax Loan. Defaulting on your payments means the lien will allow foreclosure on your property to secure the debt.

Direct Tax Loans will take all steps possible to avoid foreclosure, giving you a sense of security and assurance when taking up a property tax loan.

Tax Loan Advantage

Taking out a property tax loan in El Paso can stop penalties and fees associated with delinquent taxes. Direct Tax Loans even allows you to make high repayments or pay off your loan without any additional charges.

Direct Tax Loans will also provide you with a property loan that is free from credit checks, house inspections or background checks. We want to deliver you an investment that is fast, affordable and suitable to your needs.

Direct Tax Loans can have your property tax loan to you within a week, saying goodbye to any stress about your delinquent taxes.

In-House Loans

Many property tax loan specialists outsource their services, leaving clients feeling frazzled and unsure of who to contact.

Direct Tax Loans keeps everything in-house, ensuring your privacy and confidence in your finances. No longer will you need to wonder who collects your property taxes or who to call if you need to make changes. We will even provide you with regular statements so you can always be up to date with your property tax loan.

When taking out a property tax loan with Direct Tax Loans in El Paso TX, you will receive exceptional customer service and information for every inquiry.

Customized Solutions

Direct Tax Loans understand that not every client in El Paso TX will be in the same financial situation. There may be other property tax in TX that you owe in addition to your current loan. Direct Tax Loans can restructure your payments and help you with your property tax finances.

So how often do you have to pay property taxes? Direct Tax Loans provide a personalized loan that suits your budget and personal circumstances. Depending on your conditions, Direct Tax Loans will calculate property tax loans to suit your needs.

If you feel as though you will be behind in your upcoming payments, please call us ASAP. Direct Tax Loans are here to help you create the best property tax loan for your financial status.

NO Credit Check

Worried about a bad credit rating? Direct Tax Loans create hassle-free loans through bypassing any credit checks.

We believe that because your property secures your loan, a credit report is unnecessary. Everyone should be entitled to receive a property tax loan- regardless of your bad credit history.

This is why 98% of our applicants for a property tax loan at Direct Tax Loan will be approved. You deserve to have peace of mind when it comes to securing a loan for your property taxes.

Free Title Clearing

Has someone passed away without a will? A couple split, but not divorced? A lawsuit filed against your real estate? These are all common issues with property titles in El Paso TX that Direct Tax Loans can assist you to fix.

Some of these problems can cause you to be unable to sell your property. Direct Tax Loans will provide their investigative services to uncover your title problems and clear your home title.

Direct Tax Loans can also help if the county clerks cannot find the original purchase transaction history. Whatever the problem, Direct Tax Loans is committed to helping you with your property problems.

NO Out of Pocket Fees

Upfront fees? Application costs? These are usually some of the costs associated with taking out a property tax loan.

Luckily, Direct Tax Loans understands your financial situation and forgoes these additional upfront fees. In a time where money can be tight, it is a relief to know you are in the hands of someone who understands. All extra costs are incorporated into your loan, leaving you with no hidden fees or charges.

Direct Tax Loans will even provide you with an estimate of your loan repayments- free of charge. With these additional services offered, you can be assured that you are not going to be caught out with upfront charges.

Quick Loan Process

Applying for loans can be timely and complicated. Waiting for approval can end up costing you more time and money.

Direct Tax Loans provide an exceptional service that sees your loan pre-approved within only forty-eight hours. To receive the final review and application, Direct Tax Loans will just take up to seventy-two hours to process. These quick turnarounds mean your finances will soon be in order, and your financial stress will be eased.

We will provide you with delinquent property tax help. Soon you will be able to forget about your delinquent taxes and begin to focus on the more important things in life.


We Can Ease Your Burden

It’s not easy to fall behind your property taxes. Perhaps you are so busy earning a living that when the tax bill falls due, there aren’t enough funds to pay such a lump sum.

If you find yourself in the desperate position of being delinquent on your property taxes, there is a solution to your delinquency problem. We offer property tax loans in El Paso, TX.

Direct Tax Loan allows property owners to avoid accruing significant potential taxes, interest, penalties, and fees.

As a property tax lender, we understand that every client has unique circumstances, and therefore, we commit our matchless professionalism to help Texas property owners pay their tax bill. We deliver the most affordable services with a personal touch.

Why choose Direct Tax Loan?

  • Quick approval
  • Flexible monthly repayment
  • Fast closings
  • Great customer service to take you through the entire process conveniently

For any questions or concerns, call us today. We will assist you to ascertain what is perfect for you.

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