List of 10 Best Property Tax Loan Companies in Cypress TX

Encompass Lending Group

At Encompass, we are available when you need us. We know that most people shop for their new home after work and on the weekends. No worries! We have flexible hours to meet your needs.

Vintage HomeLoan, LLC

Vintage Home Loan is about finding loan solutions for borrowers with unique situations. Call us today if you have been denied by another lender or have been told your situation does not fit another lenders’ loan programs.

Texas Family Mortgage

Texas Family Mortgage offers a wide range of mortgage options to meet your financial needs and circumstances. Whether you’re a first-time property buyer or interested in refinancing your mortgage, I’m here to guide you through the process. Contact me today for a special offer and learn what I can do for you.


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I need help paying off my property taxes in Cypress TX, can Direct Tax Loan help me?

Direct Tax Loan specializes in property taxes, especially delinquent property taxes. So in other words, yes we can! There are just a few requirements you have to meet before we can begin the loan process:

  • You must be an owner of the property and also be over the age of 18
  • You must be delinquent on your property taxes
  • You must not be in the process of filing bankruptcy or in bankruptcy
Does a property tax loan with Direct Tax Loan cost me anything?

Well of course the cost of the loan, but besides that not a dime! We don’t have any out-of-pocket charges, and we don’t require a down payment. We truly want to help resolve your delinquent property taxes, and we think the best way to do this is to not nickel-and-dime you.

How soon can I get a property tax loan in Cypress TX?

It usually takes us around 72 hours to process and approve your property tax loan, and we can then pay off your Cypress TX property tax loans within seven to ten business days.


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

Have you been putting off paying your delinquent property taxes? Is it a problem you are hoping will “just go away?” The reality of the situation is, your delinquent property taxes won’t just go away, but Direct Tax Loan can offer you the next best thing.

The longer you wait to start paying off your overdue taxes, the more money it will cost you. So stop this foolishness now, and apply for a property tax loan with us.

We will go directly to the Cypress TX tax office and pay off your long-due taxes, so they can stop pinning you with interest, fees and charges.

Consider All Options

In any situation it is always wise to weigh all of your options before you make a decision. Let’s walk through what options you have. Cypress TX has a small percentage of senior citizens, so if you are 65 or older you may be able to seek a tax deferral for your property. Likewise if you are considered disabled you may seek a tax deferral.

If you don’t fit those criteria, the next possible option is to negotiate directly with your tax office to set up affordable and appropriate monthly payments. It is required by Texas law to offer payment plans on homestead properties.

If these options aren’t for you, you can apply for a property tax loan with Direct Tax Loan. We rigorously follow Texas state regulations to protect our borrowers. Whatever option you choose, we support your decision and can offer you advice.

Understand Tax Loans

Have you made it this far and you’re still not quite sure what a property tax loan is? That’s okay. Read on to find out. A property tax loan will help you pay your property taxes fast; this in turn will save you money and prevent your property from being foreclosed on.

If you have delinquent property taxes, Direct Tax Loan pays your taxes directly to the Cypress TX tax office (wherever that may be), and then we set you up with an affordable payment plan to pay off the loan. Now here’s the tricky part.

The tax office will give Direct Tax Loan a property tax lien on your property that acts as collateral. If you default on your loan with us, then we have the right to foreclose on your property. Now this is not saying we will; this is just a security measure to ensure loan repayment.

Tax Loan Advantage

Why get a property tax loan? We’ll let you in on a little secret—in the long run, it saves you money. If you are delinquent on your taxes, then the tax office in Harris County has every right to issue monetary penalties, interest and collection fees that will increase the amount of delinquent taxes that you owe.

We want to stop this from happening. At Direct Tax Loan, we pay off your loan usually within a week, so your property can’t be foreclosed on. You are then no longer subject to outrageous fees and charges.

Similarly, paying off your taxes quickly with Direct Tax Loan will prevent any tax office from proceeding with a lawsuit that in the end will just cost you more money.

In-House Loans

Cypress TX is by no means a huge metropolis, and Direct Tax Loan reflects this. We do not treat you as a loan that needs to be paid; rather we treat you as a human being. We service all of our own loans, and we collect our own payments.

Statements on the status of your loan will arrive on a regular basis. We keep all of your information within the company, and it stays confidential. We value your privacy and work to provide you with excellent customer service.

A Direct Tax Loan representative is only a phone call away to help you with any issues you may be having regarding your property tax loan.

Customized Solutions

Cypress TX is home to people from all walks of life. We understand this, and we will customize your property tax loan experience to reflect this. Whether it is readjusting monthly payments or simply giving appropriate advice, our representatives are happy to go the extra mile to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

In addition, we want to be aware of your tax situation. If you find that you have additional taxes due outside of your original loan, let us know ASAP. Stop worrying because you are in good hands.

NO Credit Check

Here at Direct Tax Loan we do not require a credit check. Not only is the credit inquiry unnecessary, but also we believe background checks are needless as well.

You have secured your loan with the property tax lien (remember, acting as collateral), so why add an additional step in the process? About 98% of our applicants are approved for a property tax loan regardless of their current credit score.

We aren’t here to make you run the gambit; rather we are here to help you pay off your delinquent taxes in a smart, fast and efficient manner.

Free Title Clearing

Are you having issues with clearing your title? Do these issues fall into any of these categories?

  • A relative passed away with no will
  • A couple separated but never legally filed a divorce
  • A property was inherited by a person before he/she got married
  • There is no record of the original transaction at the Harris County clerk’s office
  • There has been a lis pendens lawsuit filed against your property

Direct Tax Loan can assist you and help you navigate through these trying circumstances. We can investigate and clear your home title, so you may pay your delinquent property taxes that much quicker. Your delinquent taxes are our primary priority.

NO Out of Pocket Fees

Did I mention that here in Cypress TX we do not charge an application fee? Similarly we do not charge you an out-of-pocket expenses or down payments. Any applicable fees are rolled right into your loan.

Not sure that a property tax loan is right for you? That’s fine! We won’t charge you for a “Good Faith Estimate” that will tell you the potential ins and outs of your loan.

We are happy to discuss the various options that are available to you for no additional cost. Our goal is to save you money, not take it from you.

Quick Loan Process

We know what you’re thinking, and don’t worry. We don’t want to drag out the loan process any longer than necessary. In fact, Direct Tax Loan is known for having the fastest loan turnaround time in Texas.

Typically, your loan will be preapproved within two days’ time. That’s only 48 hours. A review of your completed application and final approval will only take another 24 hours, putting you 72 hours away from paying off your delinquent property taxes!

The sooner you contact us and get the process started, the sooner you can stop worrying about your overdue taxes.


We Can Ease Your Burden

An unexpected and unanticipated financial crisis may sometimes not permit you to pay your property tax bills on time. In such scenarios, opting for a property tax loan will be a wise and meaningful decision.

By applying for property tax loans in Cypress TX, you can avoid county penalties, tax liens, foreclosure, and potential interests.

In addition, you will even enjoy a blissful peace of mind as your estimated property tax will be paid by your pre-selected property tax lender within the specified time frame.

Considering the aforementioned factors, if you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and dependable property tax lender in Cypress TX, then contact our company today.

At Direct Tax Loan, we strive to offer you a quick, convenient, and seamless loan application process. Furthermore, our knowledgeable professionals will extensively guide you throughout the entire process so that you’ll never face a single glitch.

Once, your loan application is verified and sanctioned by our tax loan specialists, we will immediately grant you the requested funds and you’ll be ready to pay the tax bills. Contact us today to help with your property tax financing or funding.

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