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Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

Jason Holter from Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation in Friendswood, TX, is committed to providing the best home loan solutions for his customers. Backed by excellent operations and a company that truly cares about people, Jason has a goal of helping everyone achieve their dream of owning a home.


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Can I finance my overdue property taxes in Friendswood, TX with a loan from Direct Tax Loan?

Yes, Direct Tax Loan can immediately pay off your property tax debt by partnering with the Friendswood county tax office. We offer a variety of customized repayment plans to suit your financial situation.

Individuals are eligible if they meet the following criteria:

  • You are of legal age (18+) and own the property.
  • You currently have property tax debt.
  • You are not bankrupt.
How much will I have to pay for a property tax loan with Direct Tax Loan?

Direct Tax Loan has no upfront fee and does not require a down payment.

With Direct Tax Loan, you have one expense: your loan. Any associated fees are regulated by the State of Texas for your protection and combined with your monthly loan repayment.

Your payment plan and interest rate are calculated based on the amount you borrow, the rate at which you agree to repay the loan, and the type of property you own. We promise you a lower interest rate than your county.

How quickly can Direct Tax Loan help my pay off my delinquent property taxes in Friendswood, TX?

Seventy-two hours from now, you could be approved for a property tax loan. Seven to ten days from now, your overdue taxes could be paid in full.


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

The cost of overdue taxes is higher than you’d expect, particularly in the first year.

Your taxing unit can increase your overall balance by 47% in just twelve months due to the various penalties, interest, and fees associated with delinquency.

Every month after that, you can expect an increase of 1% on your balance until you settle your debt completely. The sooner you act to pay off your overdue property taxes, the more money you will save.

Consider All Options

A property tax loan is not the solution for everyone. For example, there are deferrals or exemptions available to veterans, senior citizens 65+, and individuals with disabilities. Direct Tax Loan is committed to helping you find the best option and acquire the available assistance.

We can also work with your tax office to set up a payment plan on your behalf. This is something the tax office is legally required to offer for homestead properties, but many individuals don’t know they have this option. We here at Direct Tax Loan can help you advocate for yourself to negotiate this plan.

Lastly, rest assured knowing that Direct Tax Loan is accountable to the State of Texas for any fees associated with our property tax loans, so you are protected as a borrower. Our priority is helping you avoid foreclosure no matter which option you pursue.

Understand Tax Loans

The purpose of a property tax loan is simple: it allows you to immediately pay off your overdue property taxes so save money and avoid foreclosure. Direct Tax Loan settles your debt directly with your taxing unit, and then you pay back Direct Tax Loan through a monthly payment plan.

Meanwhile, the lien on your home transfers from your taxing unit to Direct Tax Loan. This allows us to foreclose on your property if you default on your loan, serving as collateral for payment. When you pay off your loan, the lien returns to you.

Only 0.7% of loans by tax lenders in Texas have ended in foreclosure, a percentage which is much higher among mortgage lenders. Direct Tax Loan will do whatever we can to help you avoid foreclosure.

Tax Loan Advantage

There are many advantages to pursuing a property tax loan. They save you money by preventing your taxing unit from issuing penalties, charging high interest, and demanding collection fees.

Direct Tax Loan does not require a down payment or any other out-of-pocket fees. Your monthly payment plan is a minimum, meaning we will not charge you extra for paying more per month or paying off your loan early.

Because Direct Tax Loan does not perform credit checks, house inspections, or background checks, you can receive your loan in just one week! A property tax loan prevents the worst-case scenario: a lawsuit from your taxing unit that can lead to outrageous legal costs and possible foreclosure.

In-House Loans

Direct Tax Loan provides all loan services from within our organization. You receive regular statements from us and send your payment directly to our office. We promise that you will never have to deal with a third party when managing your loan.

Additionally, we promise a pleasant customer service experience from our in-house office staff. With Direct Tax Loan, customers need never worry about the stress of speaking with a different individual every time they contact us.

Because we don’t outsource any services, we can guarantee that all your account and loan information remains confidential. Call today, and our staff will help you find a customized solution for your tax needs in as little as one week.

Customized Solutions

The circumstances that cause an individual to seek a property tax loan are as varied as the solutions we offer. Our customized payment plans suit the unique needs of everyone who applies for a loan.

Sometimes borrowers need additional money for upcoming property taxes. In this situation, we can work with our clients to restructure the original loan to help them meet this need.

Don’t wait to call Direct Tax Loan and get the personalized advice you need.

NO Credit Check

Direct Tax Loan does not require a credit check, so bad credit will not prevent you from getting approval for your loan. In fact, 98% of our applicants who had bad credit were still approved.

Your property itself secures your loan, not your credit, so we won’t add an unnecessary inquiry to your credit report.

Direct Tax Loan wants to help anyone applying for a property tax loan to qualify, so we make it easy.

Free Title Clearing

Title issues are a common problem that can prevent you from selling your home or paying property taxes. They can arise when:

  • There is no official will from a deceased person
  • A divorce has not been filed for a separated couple
  • A property was inherited by a person before he or she married
  • The Friendswood county clerk’s office has no record of the original purchase transaction
  • A property has a lis pendens—a type of lawsuit—filed against it

If title issues are preventing you from selling your property or paying your delinquent taxes, Direct Tax Loan can assist you free of charge. Our main concern is helping you settle your property tax debt.

NO Out of Pocket Fees

No application fee, no down payment, no out-of-pocket expenses. Period. All financing fees are included in the cost of your loan, detailed to you in monthly statements.

We are happy to discuss your different options concerning your property tax loan free of charge. We will even send you a complimentary “Good Faith Estimate,” which provides a full explanation of the loan terms before you sign anything.

We want to provide the property tax help you need and save you as much money as possible in the process.

Quick Loan Process

We partner with local experts in Friendswood mortgage and property tax to provide our customers with some of the fastest loan turnaround times in the industry. On average, we pre-approve loans in just forty-eight hours.

Within seventy-two hours, we can review your application and finalize the approval for your loan!

Call Direct Tax Loan today for a quick, money-saving solution to your delinquent property taxes.


We Can Ease Your Burden

Many people with property tax debts are unable to clear their debts because of unemployment, loss of a job, endless bills or other financial obligations. If you are one of those people who can’t pay tax bills, then you need to take action to stop the debt from becoming a nightmare.

We understand the consequences of not paying property taxes on time. If you fail to pay your property tax bills and let them accumulate, certain things could happen. For instance:

  • The county tax authority will impose penalties, fines and administrative charges on the unpaid taxes.
  • The authority may also sell your property to raise funds to pay the delinquent taxes.

Direct Tax Loan is a reliable property tax lender based in Friendswood, Texas. We are here to help you pay your tax obligation, pay penalties and fines and help you keep your property. Many property owners choose our services because we offer flexible and affordable payment plans. Contact us today and let us reduce your burden.

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