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Is Direct Tax Loan able to help me pay off my property taxes in Kingwood TX?

We will work directly with the Harris County tax office to instantly pay off any overdue taxes you may owe.

However, there are a few requirements you must meet before we can begin the process:

  • You must be a property owner that is at least 18 years of age
  • You must be delinquent on your property taxes
  • You must not have recently declared bankruptcy or currently be in bankruptcy
About how much will it cost me to get a property tax loan with Direct Tax Loan?

We are happy to say that the only expense you will be charged is the amount of your loan. All loans are regulated through the state of Texas, and any necessary fees are included in the amount of your loan.

Can I get my property tax loan quickly in Kingwood TX?

We are able to process your property tax loan within three days’ time, and we will pay off your delinquent taxes within about seven to ten business days.


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

We promise weren’t not just saying this—when it comes to paying your overdue taxes, time is money! The longer you wait to address the problem the more likely it is that you will accrue monetary penalties, interest and fees. These charges can equal up to 47% of your delinquent taxes during your first year.

Getting a loan with Direct Tax Loan will stop your local tax agency from issuing these penalties. We pay off your loan, and you make payments to us. We are trying to prevent any charges being added to your already overdue taxes.

Consider All Options

Even though Kingwood TX is a smaller city, there are still different options you can pursue regarding your property taxes. For example if you are considered disabled or 65 years of age or older, you may qualify for a property tax deferral.

Also in the state of Texas it is required by law for tax agencies to offer negotiable payment plans for homestead property owners. If you do own a homestead take advantage of this opportunity and visit your local tax office to set up an affordable, appropriate payment plan.

If you do decide to pursue a property tax loan with Direct Tax Loan, we are rigorous followers of state of Texas regulations that protect our borrowers. Whatever you decide, we are here to offer you property tax advice.

Understand Tax Loans

Another important aspect of paying off your overdue property taxes is understanding exactly what you are signing up for with a property tax loan. A property tax loan will help save you money in the long run and prevent the tax office from foreclosing on your property.

What happens is the taxing unit in Harris County will issue Direct Tax Loan a lien on your property. We hold this lien and reserve the right to foreclose on your property if you default on your loan.

Of course, we never want the situation to get this far. We will work with you to set up an affordable monthly payment plan so that you can pay back your loan in a timely fashion.

Tax Loan Advantage

So what are the advantages of using a property tax loan? Most importantly a property tax loan prevents your local tax office from issuing any penalties like interest and collection fees. This will stop your debt from increasing and put you in a better position to begin paying off your overdue taxes.

Likewise, depending on how delinquent you are and the amount you owe, your local taxing office may try and file a lawsuit against you and attempt to foreclose on your property. Receiving a property tax loan through Direct Tax Loan will disallow the tax agency from doing this. How’s that for an advantage?

In-House Loans

Another advantage of obtaining a loan through Direct Tax Loan is we do all of our business in-house. We keep your information confidential and within the company. We service all of our loans, collect our own payments and periodically send out financial statements on the status of your loan.

Our representatives are trained to be professional and to keep things confidential. We know it is frustrating to deal with an automated system or a different staff person each time you call. We pride ourselves on being available for our customers, and we want to know you on a first-name basis.

Customized Solutions

Even though Kingwood TX may not be the biggest town in Texas, we still realize every individual experiences different financial situations. We train our staff to provide customized solutions and payment plans for each customer.

Also we want to help you in all aspects of your financial life. If you discover you owe additional debt outside of the overdue taxes paid by your loan, let us know right away!

We can help you through this situation and provide appropriate advice for your situation. Do not hesitate to call a representative, they are available to help you and talk you through any decisions you need to make.

NO Credit Check

Remember that property tax lien that was transferred to Direct Tax Loan? This will act as collateral for your loan. Since we have received this lien, we do not require any credit check or background check for you to qualify for a loan. In fact, about 98% of our customers are approved for a loan even if they have bad credit.

Our goal is to help you pay off your overdue taxes; we don’t think it is necessary to submit a credit inquiry to do this. By having a lien on your property, we trust that you will make the required monthly payments to the best of your ability.

Free Title Clearing

Sometimes it is essential to clear your property title before you move forward in life. Direct Tax Loan can help you out with that. Have you experienced any of these situations?

  • A friend or relative of yours has passed away without leaving a will prepared
  • You are married and separated without legally filing a divorce
  • You or your partner inherited a property before marriage
  • There is no record of the original purchase transaction at the Harris County clerk’s office

If you are experiencing issues selling your home because of problems with your property title, Direct Tax Loan can help you. We will work on clearing your property title so that you can sell your property and move on with your life!

NO Out of Pocket Fees

We don’t want to nickel-and-dime you or cheat you out of your money! Direct Tax Loan does not charge any application fee or any upfront down payments. Our goal is to issue you a property tax loan so you can pay off your delinquent taxes. We do not want to short-change you or cheat you out of your money in any way!

If you aren’t sure about getting a loan with us, we offer a “Good Faith Estimate” for free. The estimate would lay out the terms of your loan and give you an idea of what is required of you.

We do this so you have an idea of the money you’d be saving! Remember, our tax representatives our only a phone call away to answer any lingering questions you may have.

Quick Loan Process

The loan turnaround process at Direct Tax Loan is one of the fastest in the state of Texas. We work to provide you with the best service possible, so typically your loan is preapproved within the first 48 hours of applying.

It then only takes an additional 24 hours for a completed review of your application and final approval. We can have your delinquent taxes paid off within seven to ten days of your application being approved. The sooner you apply, the sooner you can stop worrying!


We Can Ease Your Burden

There is nothing as stressing as looking for money to pay tax bills when you are experiencing financial difficulties. At times the hustle may take too long, and you end up being late for property tax payment.

Due to the failure of meeting your obligation on time, the County officials may impose fines on you. The penalties are extra burdens that may affect your cash flow and put you at the risk of being out of business.

We, Direct Tax Loan, are a company that offers property tax loans in Kingwood, TX. We can help in solving your problem by giving you a loan to cover your property tax debt.

We take the burden of making lump sum payments off your shoulders. We then allow you to pay us back in a flexible repayment plan.

Our primary goal is to ease your tax burden while giving you ample time to concentrate on your life. With us, you can forget the penalties for late payment and high tax rates on tax overdue.

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