List of 10 Best Property Tax Loan Companies in Lubbock TX

Benchmark Mortgage

We are a locally managed mortgage branch of Benchmark Mortgage dedicated to superior service and making sure that you have a positive experience as you find your new home. We can help you choose from a wide array of loan products, like fixed and adjustable rate mortgages, FHA, VA, USDA and Conventional loans, jumbo loans, refinancing options, renovation loans, minimal down payment and much more.

We will be with you every step of the way while striving to provide the best service possible to bring you HOME!

Hometrust Mortgage

Since being founded in 1986, Hometrust Mortgage Company, a non-depository mortgage bank, has been providing excellent service and value to our customers.

Our combination of an extensive suite of exceptional loan programs and our in-house processing, underwriting, and closing departments have ensured that our customers receive the best loan program for their needs as well as a successful and consistent loan experience.

Peoples Bank

Peoples Bank offers you a complete mortgage loan service through our Home Loan Center. We offer FHA, VA, and conventional financing. Peoples Bank provides interim financing for construction, and our Home Loan Center provides permanent financing for your new home or refinancing for your present home.

Our friendly and professional staff has years of Mortgage Loan experience to serve you.

Capital Mortgage

From its humble beginning in 1986, Linda and Royce Lewis have carefully nurtured Capital Mortgage Services of Texas, home of the Mortgage Banking Professionals, to ever increasing heights in the mortgage banking industry.

Constantly maintaining its position on the cutting edge of mortgage banking concepts and technology, Capital Mortgage Services of Texas brings a new era of mortgage banking to clients and patrons of the firm.

Spirit Mortgage

Roots run deep in West Texas for First United Bank. In fact, all our roots are right here. Since beginning in 1907 as The First State Bank of Dimmitt to First United Bank today, our business model has always been focused on West Texas communities, the people who live and work here and their distinct financial needs.

Our Board of Directors, banking officers and employees understand the importance of agriculture, energy and small business to our economy. More importantly, they understand that people come first.


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How can Direct Tax Loan help pay off my Lubbock property taxes?

Direct Tax Loan will collaborate with you to find a suitable loan solution to pay off any past due property taxes on your real estate. Once we establish fair and flexible loan terms, we’ll begin financing your property taxes to your taxing unit.

How much does Direct Tax Loan charge for a property tax loan in Lubbock?

Our goal at Direct Tax Loan is to facilitate your financial situation in any way we can, which is why we don’t require a down payment or charge out of pocket fees. Once you receive a property tax loan through us, your loan payments become your only financial obligation.

How quickly can Direct Tax Loan provide me with a loan for my Lubbock property tax?

Direct Tax Loan provides a hassle-free property tax loan service to ensure you get the financial help you need as fast as possible. Within a few days, our tax consultants can have your loan approved. Moreover, we’ll handle the payment of your property taxes in as little as 10 days once you acquire a loan with us.


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

If you are struggling to keep up with your Lubbock property tax payments or if you already have an outstanding account, you can’t afford to waste any time in taking out a property tax loan. Taxing units can quickly overwhelm your finances through their delinquent fees and penalties, making it all the more difficult to manage your payments.

Direct Tax Loan can help you to finance your property taxes in a matter of days through our quick loan approval process. In as little as three days, we can have your loan approved, and within ten days, we can pay off your property taxes and get you out of the red fast.

Consider All Options

Opting for a property tax loan can provide you with financial relief when it comes to delinquent property tax payments. However, because every homeowner’s financial circumstances are unique, Direct Tax Loan makes sure to consider every alternative in order to find the right financial solution for you and your Lubbock property.

In addition, we can provide you with the resources you need to deal with outstanding payments should you decide that a property tax loan is not the route you want to take. From arranging a deferral on your taxes to consulting with your tax office for a payment plan, Direct Tax Loan will assist you every step of the way.

Understand Tax Loans

Overdue property tax payments can quickly become impossible to manage. Tax offices can significantly increase the original amount you owe through late fees and penalties. Don’t let your finances become a nightmare—you always have the option to secure a property tax loan and get relief from mounting debt.

A property tax loan with Direct Tax Loan works like this: through your Lubbock property, we can provide you with a customized loan that fits your current financial plan. Once your loan is approved, we take over your property tax payments for you.

You’ll no longer have to worry about your delinquent account. You simply work with our repayment plan for your loan, and we’ll get you back on your feet in no time.

Tax Loan Advantage

When you’re faced with delinquent property taxes, tax office penalties, and possible foreclosure on your Lubbock home, one of the most practical solutions you can look to is a property tax loan.

Property tax loans capitalize your overdue property tax payments, and with Direct Tax Loan, we’ll go above and beyond to make the process as simple and efficient as possible. You won’t have to worry about an excessive down payment for your loan or drawn out credit reviews.

Our aim is to get you approved for a loan in a timely manner and begin paying off your property taxes immediately. Direct Tax Loan can have you approved for a loan in as little as a few days and have your property taxes taken care of in a matter of weeks.

In-House Loans

If you are looking to acquire a property tax loan in Lubbock, you may feel daunted by the network of groups you have to deal with. Many lending houses work alongside third-party companies, creating confusion for their clients.

Direct Tax Loan is not among these types of lenders. We are a reputable, in-house lender, and we take care of each individual account within our own organization—there are no third-parties involved.

Your account is kept confidential with Direct Tax Loan, and you can access your information securely whenever you need it. Nothing is more important to us than our clients’ trust.

Customized Solutions

Some property tax lenders work around the erroneous idea that all clients are the same, so they provide the same loan for everyone, no matter what their particular circumstance may be. Unfortunately, this type of framework can have disastrous results for both clients and lenders.

With Direct Tax Loan, you won’t be treated like a number. We provide individualized service to all of our clients, creating customized loan plans to fit all kinds of circumstances. Direct Tax Loan is sure to find the right financing solution that best suits your unique Lubbock property tax payment needs.

NO Credit Check

Getting approved for a loan involving real estate can be quite an ordeal for some homeowners in Lubbock, namely because of credit checks. Many property tax lenders are quick to deny an applicant for a loan if they see a less than perfect credit score.

However, if you have bad credit and are in need of financial help with delinquent property tax payments, don’t think that a loan is out of the question.

At Direct Tax Loan, we approve 98% of our applicants, even if their credit history isn’t the best. We’re able to do this because we use your Lubbock real estate property and not your credit score as the foundation for your loan.

Free Title Clearing

Reviewing and clearing a property’s title report is an important step in the home sale process. In fact, if a property’s title fails to clear, that Lubbock property cannot be bought or sold until the matter is resolved.

Should you find yourself in such a situation, there’s no need to worry. Direct Tax Loan has helped numerous homeowners clear their property’s title after looking into issues of inheritance, lack of county records, or a pending divorce.

We understand that various issues may arise in the review of a property title report, so we offer free title clearing to ensure your real estate finances get back on track in as little time as possible.

NO Out of Pocket Fees

If you are a Lubbock homeowner seeking out a property tax loan, it’s likely you are facing financial difficulties of some kind. Rather than work to ease this burden, some property tax lenders will increase your financial obligations by tacking on application fees, out of pocket expenses, and even a hefty down payment in order to process your loan.

When you secure a loan with Direct Tax Loan, you won’t have to worry about any of that. We make it simple to acquire a property tax loan. Our goal is to take care of any outstanding property tax payments you’re faced with as efficiently as possible, and that means skipping over unfair hidden expenses to our clients.

Quick Loan Process

If you find that you are struggling to make your regular property tax payments on your Lubbock home, don’t wait for your situation to become unmanageable. Overdue payments only bring about more difficulties, so it’s in your best interest to take action as soon as you realize you may be in need of financial assistance.

At Direct Tax Loan, you’ll experience the fastest loan process available. This is because we understand that there’s no time to lose in financing property tax payments.

Taxing units are extremely quick in penalizing any delinquent account, so we work even faster to get your loan approved and processed. In addition, once your loan with us is approved, we can take care of your outstanding property taxes in a matter of weeks.


We Can Ease Your Burden

Do you need funding to pay tax bills? Then you are in the right place. Instead of stressing about the accumulating taxes, the best thing you can do is get a property tax lender to help you out.

Direct Tax Loan has been working with commercial property and home owners in Texas for a long time now. During this time, we have created a wide array of lucrative property tax loans in Lubbock TX to get you out of the mess you are in.

It is for this reason that we offer fast funding and easy approval to help you pay tax bills in good time. In the same way, our online application process is easy, simple, and fast. Similarly, there are no sales gimmicks or unwanted costs for you to worry about.

All we have in store are pure property tax loans in Lubbock TX to assist you deal with the taxman before things get out of hand. Talk to Direct Tax Loan today to learn more about the Lubbock TX property tax loans we have for you.

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