List of 10 Best Property Tax Loan Companies in Amarillo TX

Propel Tax

Falling behind on your taxes is easier than most people think – until they’re the ones experiencing difficulty. One of the largest property tax lenders Amarillo has to offer, Propel Tax is in the business of helping people in this common financial bind. They also understand that falling behind doesn’t make somebody a slacker or a criminal – an unfortunate but common misconception.

Propel Tax has the resources and the industry knowledge to help you out of your current money troubles. They specialize in property tax loans, allowing you to quickly pay off your delinquent property taxes and get yourself back in good financial standing. While not headquartered in Amarillo, they consider the city a major part of their business scope.

Property Tax Funding

Property tax loans in Amarillo can be hard to find. Although Property Tax Funding is headquartered in Dallas, they are very active in Amarillo and familiar with the area. They offer both residential and commercial property tax loans, working hard to ensure a quick, simple process.

Property Tax Funding offers many benefits. You’ll enjoy the lowest rates in all of Texas – guaranteed! Your loan will close within days, which is much faster than the times offered by many other companies. Prior credit issues will not affect your property tax loan, and you may qualify for up to ten years to repay. There are no out-of-pocket closing costs with Property Tax Funding, and they will never sell your personal information or the loan itself.

Supreme Lending

Experience what it’s like to be a priority when you work with my team. We will provide you with assistance in navigating what can be a confusing array of mortgage requirements, and really make the process incredibly simple and even enjoyable.

My team will stay in touch with you throughout the process and get your home closed quickly and conveniently. Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing our goal is have your loan clear to close in 20 days or less so you can focus on all the other details you are faced with.

Amarillo National Bank – Mortgage Lender

Since Amarillo National Bank has no outside stock holders. this allows ANB to focus on the long term, not next quarter. Decisions are made for the customers, not the family. Customer service actually comes first. Community support is a priority.

The familiar, conservative leadership of the Ware family means continuity and stability for customers—many of whom come from families that have been part of the Amarillo landscape since the days of B.T. Ware. Being a family bank in a place where family comes first, we know what it’s like to work together through good times and bad. It’s that Panhandle Spirit that binds us together.

Amarillo Venture Capital, Inc.

Amarillo Venture Capital, Inc. is a local Commercial mortgage Broker and Sub-Prime lender. With access to over 600 nationwide lenders, as well as Venture Capital for startups and established business, Amarillo Venture Capital is your first and best stop for business financing in the Texas Panhandle.


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Will Direct Tax Loan assist me in paying off my property taxes in Amarillo TX?

Direct Tax Loans will pay any outstanding property taxes that you owe to the Amarillo County Tax Office. From here, we will then set up a payment plan that suits your financial needs.

To be eligible, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You are over 18 and own your property.
  • You have outstanding property taxes.
  • You are not experiencing bankruptcy at this time.
What will Direct Tax Loan charge me to have a property tax loan?

The timeframe of the loan, the property type and loan will determine the cost and interest rate of your property tax loan. Direct Tax Loans charge no upfront fees and also offer a lower price than the Amarillo TX County.

How quickly will Direct Tax Loans process my property tax loan in Amarillo TX?

Your property tax loan will be reviewed and approved within a short 72 hours. Final property tax payments to Amarillo County are paid anywhere from seven to ten days.


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

Struggling to pay your property taxes? Being unable to pay your property taxes can have dire consequences for your finances. In fact, in your first year alone, the Amarillo County can charge you up to 47% more in additional fees, penalties, and interest!

And it doesn’t stop there. Your account will continue to increase at 1% per month which will cost you additional money and time.

Let Direct Tax Loans take care of your property taxes to ensure you have peace of mind for your finances. We will give you the property tax relief you need.

Consider All Options

Direct Tax Loans recognizes that property taxes do not come in a “one size fits all” package. We will thoroughly assess your finances to ensure you are receiving the best possible option for your current situation.

Over 65 or have a disability? You may be entitled to a tax deferral for your property. Did you know that your tax office in Amarillo TX is legally required to offer payment plans on your homestead?

Direct Tax Loans can arrange these opportunities to establish security for your property. These trusted property tax lenders in Amarillo TX will keep your home safe from being foreclosed. You can feel at ease with Direct Tax Loans as they comply with all regulations in the State of Texas.

Understand Tax Loans

Imagine this situation. Your property taxes in TX are delinquent, and the fees and interest rates are leaving you swamped. Losing your property is starting to become a reality, and you wonder if there is assistance for your delinquent property taxes.

Direct Tax Loans will step in to help. Through establishing a property tax loan and payment plan, they swiftly pay your property taxes to the taxing unit to avoid foreclosure. Any liens on your property with the Amarillo County will shift to Direct Tax Loan. If you decide to default, the lien allows foreclosure on your property to establish security for payment.

However, in comparison to mortgage lenders in Amarillo TX, tax lenders traditionally foreclose on only a small percentage of their loans. Feel confident that Direct Tax Loans will take all steps possible to prevent foreclosure.

Tax Loan Advantage

Direct Tax Loans will have your loan completed in one week and even skip timely credit and background checks or house inspections. Once your loan is approved, Direct Tax Loans do not require a down payment to receive the loan.

Feeling like your finances are under control? You can make higher repayments or even pay off your loan entirely without fear of additional fees or charges!

Finally, a property tax loan can rid you of fees and interest charged by your taxing unit and avoid a potential lawsuit and foreclosure of your property. A property tax loan investment will be worthwhile for the future of your property.

In-House Loans

Direct Tax Loans prides itself on excellent customer service. We go above and beyond to ensure you feel confident in our services and your property tax loan. Everything is completed in-house, meaning you won’t have to call various places in Amarillo County to get information on your finances.

We will provide a property tax formula that you understand. Feel assured that your finances are confidential as we collect payments and provide you with regular statements.

Our staff will be ready to assist you in your delinquent taxes and setting up a property tax loan that will suit your financial needs.

Customized Solutions

Direct Tax Loans will create customized loans and individual payment plans to suit your finances. Through catering to your circumstances, we will strive to meet all of your property tax loan needs.

Sometimes our customers have an additional tax that is separate from the original loan. We will assist you to restructure the taxes and help you get the advice that you need.

Inform us of outstanding loans, and please contact us ASAP if you are behind on your future taxes. Direct Tax Loans are here to help you with all of your property tax inquiries.

NO Credit Check

Concerned about your credit history? Here at Direct Tax Loans, we do not check your credit rating!

We believe that if you are a property owner, then a credit report or high credit rating is not required to secure a property tax loan. Credit reports also take time and time is crucial when it comes to paying the taxing unit.

In fact, 98% of our applicants have their property tax loan approved. We will ensure you can have financial security and stability regardless of your credit rating. Direct Tax Loans are here to be your friend in finances.

Free Title Clearing

Sometimes unfortunate circumstances arise when it comes to dealing with property titles. We’ve found the most recurring reasons include the following:

  • Your real estate has filed a lis pendens (lawsuit).
  • You inherited the property before you were married.
  • There is no original purchase transaction available in the county of Amarillo TX.
  • A person has passed without a will.
  • The couple has split but has not divorced.

Direct Tax Loans will explore the problems associated with your home title and help you diminish any issues you may have. We will help you get your home sold, and the home title cleared.

NO Out of Pocket Fees

We understand that not everyone can afford a down payment or application fee. Here at Direct Tax Loans, we ensure that there are no upfront fees when you apply, leaving you without any out-of-pocket expenses. With the charges included in your loan, there will be no surprise upfront costs.

Direct Tax Loans also provide the best loan for your circumstances. You are provided with a “Good Faith Estimate” which will show you the full estimate of your loan repayments.

These estimates are free and are just one reason as to why Direct Tax Loans are dedicated to helping you with your property tax. Call us today to discuss your options and to start saving your money now.

Quick Loan Process

Direct Tax Loans is dedicated to helping you get your property tax loan quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround, with loans usually pre-approved within forty-eight hours.

Final approval and review of the application takes around seventy-two hours to complete. Direct Tax Loans leading edge services will ensure that your delinquent property taxes can be a problem of the past.

With some of the most credible and informed staff in the property tax industry, Direct Tax Loans will be sure to ease your financial stress. Save your money and time through a property tax loan at Direct Tax Loans.


We Can Ease Your Burden

By the end of January, the taxman is usually at the door demanding what is rightfully his. In the state of Texas, there is no income tax.

However, lack of these taxes are substituted by having one of the steepest property taxes in the U.S. As such, what is a resident of Amarillo TX to do when the time for paying has arrived, and there is no money?

The best viable option for this type of situation is engaging a property tax lender who will provide funds to pay the tax bill when it comes due. Some property owners have not paid the required sum in a while, and as such, property tax liabilities such as penalties, interest, and fees have accrued upon your account.

This is where our company, Direct Tax Loan, comes into play. When you come to us for assistance, we ensure that no matter who you are, you get the service you require.

The loan we provide pays the property tax you owe leaving you to repay it using a flexible payment plan. If your property is in foreclosure due to tax liens, getting property tax loans in Amarillo TX is the solution. We step in to pay off the taxes as a lump sum leaving the property owner to repay the loan in simple and flexible terms.

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