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Tyler Lending Group – Triumph Lending

At Tyler Lending Group, we understand that every borrower is different. If you are considering a purchase in the East Texas Area (or anywhere else in Texas), do yourself a favor and call Tyler Lending Group, a professional mortgage brokerage.

We have an array of loan offerings from $0-downpayment, customizable terms and low closing costs.

Legacy Mortgage Group

Derek Jones is the owner and founding broker of Legacy Mortgage Group. Derek started Legacy in 2001 after a bad refinance experience, and a strong desire to serve clients and ensure they had a superior loan experience to his.

Eagle Home Loans

Eagle Home Loans was founded by Jon Jacobs in 2017. Jon has been an East Texas (Tyler) resident since 1978. He earned his BSBM and MBA from LeTourneau University.

In addition to his extensive banking background, Jon brings over 25 years in management experience and is most proud of his natural desire of building relationships with his clients. Jon began his career in banking and lending in 2000. He has been a branch manager and a consumer and commercial lender. Jon has successfully completed hundreds of hours of lending and continuing educational training during his career, and earned his NMLS license in 2010. Jon is well versed in the areas of Interim Construction and Residential Mortgage Loans. Jon places a high value on building relationships and has a philosophy of service first! Overall, Jon enjoys assisting clients in attaining their dreams.

Highlands Residential Mortgage

Highlands Residential Mortgage was created in 2010 in the midst of uncertainty and rapid change in the mortgage industry. A group of like-minded seasoned veterans came together to create a company with an employee-focused culture.

A culture that values its members both personally and professionally and a company built on the idea that the customer comes first! We believe Highlands is such a place. Our Mission to value people drives everything we do.


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Can Direct Tax Loan offer me a property tax loan, so I can pay off my property taxes in Tyler, TX?

Along with the help of your Tyler county tax office, we can provide a loan for you to pay the rest of your taxes. As we want to accommodate all our clients, we have payment options for you to choose from.

Below are requirements needed in order to qualify for a loan with us:

  • You cannot be younger than the age of 18.
  • Your property tax loans need to be past due.
  • You cannot be in the process of or currently in bankruptcy.
Is there extra costs to getting a property tax loan through Direct Tax Loan?

No! Direct Tax Loan does not require customers to pay upfront fees or an initial payment before approval. There is interest within the repayment of the loan but nothing before that. The amount of interest varies by long how it will take you to pay it back in full and the amount of your loan.

What is the turnaround for receiving my property tax loan in Tyler, TX?

Your loan will be approved and ready to go within three days. Tax payment on your property will be disbursed within a week.


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

Waiting for your financial situation to change instead of being proactive will only hurt you. Your tax interests and fees don’t stop when you stop paying. They continue to accrue until it is too much for you to handle on your own.

We don’t want to see you struggle to get your property taxes paid. Direct Tax Loan is here to assist you in avoiding delinquency and foreclosure.

If you can’t manage these expenses on your own, it might be time for you to give us a call. We are more inexpensive than other lenders, and we provide a fast service.

Consider All Options

In some cases, property tax loans are not for everyone. Even so, we can still help you figure out solutions to lift some of your tax burdens. We have plenty of repayment choices to choose from. We will not leave you without a plan.

Direct Tax Loan can be the bridge between you and the Tyler tax office so that you can set up an alternative payment plan.

Consider working with us to take care of your past due property taxes. Our mission is to give our customers loans to pay their property taxes or point them in the right direction.

Understand Tax Loans

In order to save your property from foreclosure and save the money in your wallet, you should think about working with Direct Tax Loan. You don’t want to continue to be delinquent on your payments. We can pay your tax unit directly. Clients can choose a payment plan with us to pay back their loans.

We don’t want to force you to choose any payment option. You have the opportunity to find one that best suits your financial needs.

As you work directly with us, we take your property in lien temporarily until the repayment is complete. In a way, your property acts as a security deposit to ensure that the loan is paid, and you keep your property.

Tax Loan Advantage

Property owners choose to work with lenders for property tax loans for multiple reasons. Getting these kinds of loans can help you decrease the amount you owe on your property taxes and fees and possibly prevent you from having to go to collections.

Direct Tax Loan does not have an initial down payment that clients have to pay in order to get a loan. Also, you don’t have to worry about us doing a credit score check because it is not necessary.

We don’t check the property for its condition or perform background checks. We have made the property tax loan process as easy as we possibly could.

In-House Loans

Our loans are directly from our company. There are no middlemen. You get to directly work with us to receive your loan. Direct Tax Loan strives to build a healthy and successful business relationship with our clients.

Our customer service can ease your anxiety about the future of your property. Our kind and competent staff are here to assist you in the best way they can. Don’t hesitate to give us a call as soon as possible.

We take confidentiality seriously because we don’t want others to have access to your private information. Direct Tax Loan wants to maintain our clients’ trust.

Customized Solutions

We take pride in being able to cater our payment plans to each client’s need. Different financial circumstances mean different payment plans need to be available. There is no one size fits all.

Additional charges outside of outstanding loans can be taken care of with Direct Tax Loan as well. We have you covered! We want to see our clients have financial victory over their taxes.

Before you have to face foreclosure or more fines and interests, call Direct Tax Loan so we can provide you with options. We can help you figure out how to deal with your tax problems.

NO Credit Check

Many property owners who apply for our property tax loans are approved. We try to make it easier on applicants as there are no credit checks involved in the process.

Low or fair credit will never be a factor to determine whether you will be approved for a loan or not. Direct Tax Loan secures the payment of your loan with your property.

This is to make sure that you pay your loan back completely. Working with us will not be added to your account as an inquiry. We don’t want to deter any possible clients from doing business with our company.

Free Title Clearing

Property owners have found themselves needing to have their titles cleared for various reasons. Here are some as follows:

  • A will for the deceased was not left for the family
  • A couple’s divorce was never finalized
  • Dealing with a legal complaint from someone about your property
  • Records on your property have been misplaced in your county’s tax office

It is important to clear titles and fix problems that arise, so they don’t affect your property. Let Direct Tax Loan assist you in clearing up your titles. We don’t want them to get in the way of your tax payments.

NO Out of Pocket Fees

There are no fees to apply for our property tax loan or initial expenses before receiving your loan. We make sure that the fees are included in your loan. There are no surprises.

Direct Tax Loan has no problem reviewing more options for the payment of your loan. Also, we will throw in a free estimate of the amount of the repayment. We want our clients to know that we value honesty.

Our job is to take the time to provide for our customers and have them save money and their properties by getting a property tax loan with us.

Quick Loan Process

Direct Tax Loan has worked with many clients in the Tyler area, helping them get the property tax loan they need as fast as possible. We don’t waste your time because we know how valuable it is.

Our turnaround time is faster than other lenders. In 48 hours or less, we can have you pre-approved. We can evaluate your application in 72 hours or less so you can have your answer in a timely manner.

We know that you are on a time crunch and need a solution that will help them pay your taxes. Take a chance on Direct Tax Loan and give us a call. You won’t be disappointed!


We Can Ease Your Burden

At Direct Tax Loan, we understand that sometimes you may face difficulties meeting your property tax payment obligations.

It could result from the sudden loss of your job, unexpected health care costs, an accident or the fact that the country is in an economic slump.

When faced with a situation that cripples your ability to make your tax payments, it is crucial to seek help from a property tax lender.

As property tax loan providers in Tyler, TX, we know and value your commitment to your duties as a taxpayer.

Our focus as a company is to help property owners in Tyler, TX struggling to pay tax bills. We provide loans to both commercial and residential property owners.

The property tax payment policies we use will get you out of debt and even prevent foreclosure. Why drown in property debt when your trusted property tax lenders are just a phone call away? >Get in touch with us for any issue related to property tax loans in Tyler, TX.

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