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Can my property taxes in Euless TX be paid off using Direct Tax Loans?

Any outstanding finances with the Euless County tax office will be settled with Direct Tax Loans. Monthly repayments will then be offered through Direct Tax Loans.

To qualify, you must meet these prerequisites:

  • You are not presently in bankruptcy.
  • You have ownership of your property and are overdue in property taxes.
  • You are over the age of 18.
What costs will I be charged to have a property tax loan with Direct Tax Loan?

Direct Tax Loan prides itself on its services that offer no upfront fees. As your costs are all included in the term of your loan, the only expense is the loan itself. Through calculating the loan amount, property type, and timeframe, Direct Tax Loan will establish your property tax loan expenses.

Will my property tax loan in Euless TX take long to process?

Your application will be processed within 72 hours and taxes settled within 7-10 days.


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

We all know time is money and in the case of property taxes, this is especially true. Direct Tax Loans is proud of their fast turnaround which saves you both money and time.

Pre-approval takes only forty-eight hours with the complete process being finalized within seventy-two hours. We understand the importance of getting the loan quickly to secure your taxes.

These fast conversions mean you can be back on your feet financially in no time at all. Let Direct Tax Loan take care of property taxes before it becomes too late.

Consider All Options

Did you know that in Euless TX you can be given a lawsuit if you do not pay your property taxes? On top of your interest, fees, and penalties that you are being charged, you can also be fronted with legal fees too.

Direct Tax Loans will help you avoid the taxing unit charging you additional legal costs. We can even help assist you in stopping the foreclosure of your property. If you are unable to pay your property taxes, a property tax loan with Direct Tax Loans could save your property.

Understand Tax Loans

Tax lenders will help save you money and potentially prevent foreclosure. Your property tax loan specialists will pay your taxing unit and charge you a monthly repayment fee.

The taxing unit will then give Direct Tax Loans the lien to your property. A lien is the ability to foreclose on a property if you default on a payment.

Mortgage lenders have a higher rate of foreclosing in comparison to tax lenders. Direct Tax Loans will have your best interests at heart, helping you avoid foreclosure at all costs.

Tax Loan Advantage

Already have a loan with Direct Tax Loans? Looking to take on additional property tax loans? Direct Tax Loans can help you establish various loans to ensure your property tax is under control and is well looked after.

Multiple loans can be a daunting process. Direct Tax Loans takes the stress out of the process by streamlining all loans into one combined loan. This means you only have to worry about a single repayment. Direct Tax Loans are determined to provide you a process that is easy to manage and organize- even if it is with multiple loans.

In-House Loans

When you are dealing with property tax loans, we all want a service that is easy to use. Direct Tax Loans makes this possible by keeping all information in-house.

Sick of calling around Euless to get information on your loans? With Direct Tax Loans, you will only have communication with our excellent staff. With our Euless staffs exceptional knowledge on both property taxes and loans, you know your information will always be in safe hands.

If you get a property tax loan from Direct Tax Loans, you will receive regular statements and only have dealings with our staff.

Customized Solutions

Property tax is a private matter and should be treated as such. Direct Tax loans will give you an individual property tax evaluation- free of charge. With each assessment, Direct Tax Loans in Euless TX will provide you with the tax advice that you need on your mortgage and taxes.

Are you entitled to a tax deferral? Tax deferrals are provided to those who are over 65 or with a disability. Contact Direct Tax Loans today to see if you are eligible.

Through the personal evaluation, Direct Tax Loans can assess your situation and tailor your loan to suit your finances.

NO Credit Check

Sick of a bad credit rating looming over your head? Direct Tax Loans will skip all credit checks and allows you the opportunity to secure a property tax loan.

With your loan secured by your property, Direct Tax Loans believes that credit ratings are ineffective and cost you precious time. We think everyone deserves to feel financially stable with their real estate taxes and that’s why 98% of our applicants are approved.

Direct Tax Loans makes it a simple and easy process for anyone looking to get a property tax loan. We won’t check your credit, and we won’t let a bad credit rating ruin your chances at financial security.

Free Title Clearing

Paperwork, unwritten wills or an inheritance of a property can all come with complications of a title with your property in Euless TX. Sometimes the unexpected happens in life, and paperwork is missed, leaving the title to your property up in the air.

Direct Tax Loans will help you clear the title to your property as we understand that you can’t always control your circumstances. We will help you regain control of your finances and avoid any unnecessary fees.

NO Out of Pocket Fees

With a property tax loan, you would expect there to be upfront fees or down payments. With Direct Tax Loans, you do not need to pay application fees, saving you time and money.

Direct Tax Loans will also provide a free assessment and estimate of your new loan. You will be able to see a “Good Faith Estimate” which will help you decide if this is the best loan for you.

Direct Tax Loans are upfront, honest and ready to help you today. Our fees are incorporated into the loan, so there are no hidden surprises or upfront charges for you to consider.

Quick Loan Process

Delinquency fees can add up quickly, creating huge repayments on your property taxes. Once you consider additional charges and penalties, you can be left with a bill that is unpayable. This is why direct tax loan acts fast by securing your property tax loan within days.

Deciding to secure a property tax loan when you can’t pay your property taxes is cheaper than delinquency fees. Taking action, rather than inaction will save you money. Contact Direct Tax Loans to secure your property taxes today.


We Can Ease Your Burden

It’s extremely important to pay your property taxes within the estimated timeline in order to avoid unnecessary problems like potential county interest, penalties, hefty fees, and property tax debt.

However, you may often face unexpected and sudden financial crisis that can prohibit you paying property taxes on time.

If you are currently undergoing such a critical financial crisis and you’ve decided to opt for property tax loans in Euless TX, then we are ready to help you with your property tax financing.

Our company, Direct Tax Loan is an eminent and well-known property tax lender in Euless, Texas. We are famous for our simple application process, prompt approvals, and quick funding.

To become eligible for a property tax loan, you’re required to file a loan application with us. And, one of our experienced professionals will quickly review and approve your application.

Once verified and approved, we will directly send the requested funds on your account and help you to pay your uncleared tax bills. Contact us today and allow us to quickly process your property tax loans in Euless TX.

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