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Kathy Gaitan is an experienced Branch Manager at LeaderOne Financial Corporation – a mortgage banking firm serving veterans in Killeen and Fort Hood, TX. She is licensed for Texas VA, FHA, USDA, Conventional and Jumbo mortgage programs.

With more than 35 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Kathy will guide you throughout the VA loan mortgage process, from pre-qualification of the VA home loan to signing the closing documents. She will partner with you to ensure the process is seamless and get you into your new home faster.

Sente Mortgage

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    3400 E. Central Texas Expressway Bldg. 100, Ste 105, Killeen, TX 76543

Sente’s owners believed they could build a mortgage company that was purpose-driven, relationship-based, and ethically grounded. Sente not only survived, but thrived during this chaotic time because we started fresh and were able to predict what the mortgage landscape would look like in the coming years.

Because of this, the company is grounded in its core values, and focused on high ethics and creating a 5-star experience for our customers, our partners, and our employees.


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Can Direct Tax Loan Help Me Pay Off My Killeen, Texas Property Taxes?

Direct Tax Loan will work with your local Bell County tax office. We can pay off any outstanding back taxes instantly, bringing your balance to zero. We understand that back taxes often mean tight financial situations, and can accommodate a variety of budgets with customized payment plans.

In order to qualify, the following conditions must be met:

  • You must be over the age of 18 and legally own the property in arrears.
  • Your property taxes must be officially overdue.
  • You cannot be in bankruptcy at the time of application.
How Much Does a Direct Tax Loan Cost?

We require no down payment or out-of-pocket fees. This helps us keep costs as low as possible.

Your loan will have all required costs bundled into it, as regulated by the State of Texas. The loan itself is the only expense you will incur. Repayment is different for each client.

We will calculate a cost and interest rate based on the property in question, how quickly you can repay the loan and the actual amount of the loan. This will be a lower rate than your county office’s fees.

How Quickly Can I Get a Killeen, Texas Property Tax Loan?

We understand that your time is valuable, and that when it comes to paying off back taxes, time is literally money. Thanks to our unique process, we can process and approve your loan within just three days. After approval, your taxes will be paid off within seven to ten days.


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

If you have back taxes piling up, you already know how quickly you go from financially clear to being deep in debt. While it may seem like a good idea to simply pay what you can, when you can, this will end up costing you more in the long run.

Back taxes accrue extra expenses at a rapid rate. You’ll be paying interest and late fees on top of the original late amount.

By working with Direct Tax Loan, you can have the initial amount plus all those fees paid off in full, leaving you with one easy, customizable payment.

Consider All Options

While a property tax loan can be an excellent way to clear up back Killeen property taxes and get back in good financial standing, the process isn’t right for everybody. If we know of a better option, we’ll let you know. Great example of this include the tax deferrals available for senior and disabled individuals.

Negotiating a payment plan with your local Bell County tax office is another option. We can give you the tools to do this, if your property qualifies. Homestead properties, for example, carry a legal requirement for payment plan availability.

Should you decide that a tax loan is right for you, we will do our best to save you time and money. We follow all State of Texas regulations regarding borrower protections, ensuring the highest level of safety and convenience.

Understand Tax Loans

Tax loans can seem complicated, but in reality the process is very simple. Upon approval, Direct Tax Loan will make a payment directly to your local taxing unit. This clears up all back taxes, fees and interest accrued, bringing you back into good financial standing.

Once this occurs, the taxing unit transfers the property tax lien on your real estate to us. A lien is a legal permission to keep property until a debt is paid off.

Your payment plan will already be in place by this point, and once you’ve paid off your loan, the lien on your property will be released. A lien gives Direct Tax Loan the legal right to foreclose on your property if the loan is not paid off.

Tax Loan Advantage

There are many advantages to paying off your back property taxes in Killeen, Texas with a property tax loan. Immediately, you’ll stop accruing interest and fees on the back taxes you owe, as they will be paid off in full. You’ll also have the power to stop a looming foreclosure.

Our technique allows us to charge no down payments or other fees – everything will be bundled into your loan. This means less paperwork and less time spent on bills. We will never penalize you for early payments, as some lenders do.

Another big advantage of Direct Tax Loan is our policy of never requiring a credit check. Your property is your credit, meaning that a history of late payments or even prior bankruptcy will not be held against you.

In-House Loans

At Direct Tax Loan, we pride ourselves on doing everything in-house. This means that your sensitive information will never be outsourced to other companies – we handle it all.

You’ll deal directly with us every step of the way, never having to deal with a third party. In addition to security, this means you’ll enjoy the highest level of customer service in the business.

Our professional staff is friendly and courteous, ready and eager to answer any question you may have. Feel free to call anytime, regardless of the stage of your loan.

Customized Solutions

We understand that, even though they are dealing with the same financial difficulty, each customer’s situation is unique. We don’t offer one plan for all clients – we work with you to customize a loan and payment plan which best suits your current financial status.

Your property, ability to repay and loan size will all be factored into your repayment plan. Another advantage of customizable plans is the ability to add money to an existing loan.

For example, if you’re currently paying back a property tax loan and realize that you will be unable to fully pay off your upcoming taxes, call us! We can discuss a solution that will keep you up to date.

NO Credit Check

Your property tax loan will be secured by your property – not your credit history or score. This means that even if you have poor credit due to credit card, medical or school loan bills, it won’t be held against you.

Better still, we help you avoid having yet another check run on your credit – each check actually counts as a negative mark on your credit rating.

Direct Tax Loan understands that you may have been excluded or charged a high interest rate in the past based on your credit rating. We offer help paying property taxes solution without credit rate discrimination.

Free Title Clearing

Title issues are commonly associated with back property taxes. There are many reasons a title dispute can arise. A loved one or distant relative may die without clearly stating who inherits a property.

Separations that have not progressed to divorce can leave the true owner of a property up for dispute. A person may inherit a property, then get married, leaving the true owner unclear.

Even something as simple as a Bell County clerk having lost or misplaced a transaction record can result in an unclear title.

Regardless of why your title is in dispute, Direct Tax Loan may be able to help clear it up. Our first priority is paying off your back taxes, and that often can’t happen without a clear title.

NO Out of Pocket Fees

If you’re like many consumers, you’re sick of companies who advertise a low price or interest rate, then charge you extra fees.

Often, these fees make their charges far higher than advertised, and often higher than their competitors. You won’t find that at Direct Tax Loan. We charge no hidden, additional or extra fees.

All fees are built right into your loan, leaving you with one easy, customizable payment each month. We even provide free estimates! Call today and discover the difference we can make for your finances.

Quick Loan Process

Direct Tax Loan works with some of the best minds in the Killeen, Texas mortgage and property tax industry. This means that our process is quick and streamlined, designed to get you the money you need in as little time as possible.

Our turnaround time for approvals is less than 72 hours, and your back taxes can be paid off in as little as 7 to 10 business days. Call today and learn how we can help you pay off your taxes, become financially stable once again and enjoy the peace of mind that stability brings.


We Can Ease Your Burden

Welcome to Direct Tax Loan. We offer fast and affordable property tax loans in Killeen TX and other surrounding communities.

Our financial services are designed to provide you the financial support you need to quickly and affordably settle whatever outstanding property taxes you may have.

As a leading property tax lender in Killeen, not only do we aim to help our clients pay off their taxes, we also want to help them avoid penalties and extremely high interests.

So if you need help paying your property taxes, just call us and we will provide you the assistance you need.

We want to help you pay your tax bill quickly, which is why we have made the loan application process as fast and as efficient as possible. Here’s how it works.

So if you need help with your property taxes in Killeen then don’t hesitate to contact Direct Tax Loan. We will provide you the services you need.

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