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Can Direct Tax Loan help me pay off my property taxes in Galveston, Texas?

Direct Tax Loan will work with you and the Jefferson County Tax Office to pay off any outstanding fees that you may owe. We will then arrange a schedule of monthly payments that are best manageable for you to pay off your tax loan.

In order to qualify for a direct tax loan:

  • You must own the property that the taxes are based upon.
  • You must be over the age of 18.
  • You must have delinquent property taxes.
  • You cannot currently be in bankruptcy.
How much does a property tax loan in Galveston, Texas cost with Direct Tax Loan?

Direct Tax Loan will not charge you to apply for a property tax loan, nor for receiving an estimate on your monthly costs. The cost of taking out a property tax loan in Galveston, Texas is regulated by the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner (OCCC).

The cost will be included in the final amount of your loan, and paid off through your monthly payments. Our primary goal is to provide the best support for our clients at the lowest cost to them.

How long will it take to get my property tax loan from Direct Tax Loan?

The quicker you act to contact us online or by phone ((866) 723-0321), the faster we can have your property tax bills paid. Pre-approval generally takes 24 to 48 hours. The final approval and application review is usually completed within 72 hours.


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

Delinquent property taxes can rapidly accrue extra costs. Property taxes are due by January 31st and penalties are added on after February 1st. Interest then increases by 1% each month. If taxes are not paid by June 30th, an additional 20% fee will be added on to your debt, and you could face a lawsuit or foreclosure.

A property tax loan, through Direct Tax Loan, will help you avoid legal action and prevent you from spending hundreds of dollars in penalties. Direct Tax Loan will pay for your property taxes as soon as you are approved, and will work with you to create an affordable plan for debt repayment.

Consider All Options

While it is important to act fast to resolve overdue property taxes, you should consider all of your options before taking out a loan. Direct Tax Loan will help you choose the best option for you, even if it is not taking out a property tax loan.

For instance, property owners over the age of 65, or that are disabled, may qualify for a tax deferral through the Jefferson County Tax Office.

Our professional tax advisors will help you to choose the best option for you. We truly care about helping you resolve your overdue property tax bills.

Understand Tax Loans

As a property tax lender, Direct Tax Loan will pay off your property taxes quickly and directly to the Jefferson County Tax Office. Once the payment is made, the tax office will transfer a lien on your property to Direct Tax Loan, who will relinquish their rights to foreclosure once your loan is paid off.

Direct Tax Loan will work with you to form a payment plan that best fits your financial needs and abilities. We do not want to foreclose on your property, and will work with you the best we can to make sure you can afford the cost of your property tax loan.

Tax Loan Advantage

There are several advantages to taking out a property tax loan. They can save you money in the long run by avoiding rising interest rates, help prevent foreclosure, and keep you from getting tangled up in a lawsuit.

Through Direct Tax Loan, you are not required to make a down payment, nor pay any upfront costs. Our goal is to make paying off your property tax debt as stress free as possible.

We will help you to arrange low monthly payments to pay off your property tax loan, while also having enough money to meet other necessary expenses.

In-House Loans

One of the qualities that makes Direct Tax Loan unique, is that we service all of our loans. This means that we are the ones who collect your payments and work with you to manage any issues.

Often tax loan companies will offer you the loan and then share your information with another company to manage your account. At Direct Tax Loan, you are working directly with us.

You will never have to worry about calling another company who does not know about your personal situation, nor deal with a different person every time you call.

All of your information is safely stored and remains confidential. Our representatives are incredibly knowledgeable and prepared to help with your specific needs.

Customized Solutions

We truly care about our borrowers. Direct Tax Loan will customize a loan repayment plan to best meet your needs. We are not a “Lend to Own” company. We work to help property owners pay off delinquent property taxes without causing them stress or harm, and to avoid foreclosure.

If you are in need of a property tax loan contact us through our website, email (, or by phone ((866) 723-0321). There is no application fee and your loan estimate is completely free. You can choose your monthly payment due date, and we will work with you to decide on a rate that you can afford.

NO Credit Check

Direct Tax Loan will not run your credit score. Our right to foreclose on your property, provides security for your property tax loan. Even those with past bankruptcies can qualify for a property tax loan, unless they are currently in bankruptcy.

Loan payments are structured so that you can afford them and will be able to pay off your debt. Best of all, a property tax loan with Direct Tax Loan will not affect your credit rating!

Free Title Clearing

Without a clear title, a property cannot be sold, and the owner cannot qualify for a property tax loan to pay off delinquent property taxes. This occurs when property is inherited or transferred between owners, and the legal paperwork to declare this change was not completed.

Direct Tax Loan will help you to investigate the situation and clear your property title. Our dedicated professionals will help you pay off your delinquent property taxes.

NO Out of Pocket Fees

There is no application fee or down payment required to obtain a property tax loan. Direct Tax Loan does not charge any out of pocket expenses. All fees are included within your loan.

Furthermore, Direct Tax Loan will provide you an entirely free estimate towards paying off your property taxes. This “Good Faith Estimate” will give you an idea of your total cost and monthly payments in order for you to assess your options.

Quick Loan Process

Loans are pre approved as early as 24 to 48 hours within submitting an application. Once the application is completed, the final review and approval usually takes 72 hours.

Direct Tax Loan takes great pride in having one of the quickest turn-arounds of property tax loan applications and approvals. Act now to contact us and have your delinquent property taxes paid fast!


We Can Ease Your Burden

Procuring property tax loans in Galveston, TX just got easier! With Direct Tax Loan, you can fast-track the time it’ll take to pay tax bills and get yourself out of that dire position sooner.

Property tax penalties and interests can get really expensive when they stay unpaid for too long. We know how easy it to fall behind and find yourself unable to come up with the funds to pay tax bills.

As a property tax lender with integrity, you don’t have to worry about us taking advantage of the situation. Our services are tailored to give you the property tax relief you need without the hassle or delay.

Our main goal is to help you resolve those delinquent property taxes as quickly as possible. Hence, the turnaround time from receiving an application to providing loan approval is short.

Property tax loans in Galveston, TX are available for property types varying from residential to commercial properties. Let our staff work with you to pay those property tax bills and create a repayment plan that works for you. Contact us to get a quote and begin the process of obtaining your loan today!

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