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Penalty Grid

This example is based on an unpaid property tax bill of $15,000
Month Penalties, Int. & fees Attorney Fees Increased Cost Total Amount Due Total % Increase
February 7.0% $1,050 $16,050 7.0%
March 9.0% $1,350 $16,350 9.0%
April 11.0% $1,650 $16,650 11.0%
May 13.0% $1,950 $16,950 13.0%
June 15.0% $2,250 $17,250 15.0%
July 18.0% 20% $6,240 $21,240 41.6%
August 19.0% $6,420 $21,420 42.8%
September 20.0% $6,600 $21,600 44.0%
October 21.0% $6,780 $21,780 45.2%
November 22.0% $6,960 $21,960 46.4%
December 23.0% $7,140 $22,140 47.6%

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Direct Tax Loan platform help me avoid and STOP a foreclosure and government lawsuit?

Yes! Our goals is to connect you with top rated local lenders who can help you pay off your county taxes so that all collection efforts by the government stop instantly.

2. Will my tax loan stop the increase of large penalties, interest, and fees from the county?

Yes! Over the course of the year, delinquent taxes can increase by approximately 50% of the original amount due. Your property tax loan provided by one of the listed lenders on our platform will immediately stop the accrual of additional penalties and fees.

3. Are there any application fees or down payment required to get my property tax loan?

In most cases the answer is – nope! Majority of the listed lenders on our platform offer NO application fees, NO down payment, and NO out of pocket expenses.

4. With nothing down for my property tax loan, will my payments be high?

In most cases the answer is – nope! Majority of the listed lenders on our platform offer flexible 2-10 year repayment terms, and interest rates almost 1/3 less than the interest and penalties the county would apply to your unpaid debt over the course of 1 year.

5. How do I know if I qualify for a property tax loan?

Check if you qualify by completing this quick online quiz now.

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I just felt like a big weight was lifted off of me when my property tax lien got taken care of. I am satisfied with the interest rate and monthly payments I was offered by a great lender that I found on Direct Tax Loan.


I was 6 months behind on paying my property taxes, and realized I wouldn’t be able to get out of this mess alone. A friend of mine recommend I take a loan out to help pay my property taxes before it’s too late. Direct Tax Loan helped me find a great lender who made the loan process go much quicker than I imagined.


I can’t express how much help Direct Tax Loan has been. After narrowing down to one local company, we started the process on Monday, and by Friday we were mailing a check to the Harris County appraisal district to payoff my property taxes.

Tony Hemenez
Houston, TX
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Josmary Mestra

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Direct Tax Loan has been connecting top property tax lenders with residential and commercial borrowers since 2013. It is a huge honor for us to be able to help property owners paying off their property taxes and save their estate from foreclosure. Regardless of where you are located in the US, we’ll be thrilled to connect you with reputable lenders and help you pay off your property tax bill. Most of the lenders listed on our directory don’t require you to put any cash down and neither check your credit score.

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