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FivePoint Credit Union

In 1935, 5Point was born as a credit union intended to support the men and women who worked for The Texas Company. What started as a small community endeavor with 57 members and $247 in total savings has grown in ways its founders could not have imagined.

Today, 5Point is one of the largest independent, not-for-profit financial institutions in Southeast Texas.

Community Bank of Texas

Here to serve is a commitment to building strong and honest relationships, a clarion call to remember that in everything we do, our highest purpose is to transform our extensive financial expertise into success for our clients.

Relationships are the bedrock of our business and we strive every day to keep the needs of our client at the forefront of our minds at all times. We measure our performance by the success we create for others.

Republic State Mortgage

At Republic State Mortgage, we believe in building relationships that deliver happiness and fulfill the American Dream. This purpose statement is how we approach each and every one of our customers.

Our goal is to deliver you the best home lending options through an experience that leaves you comforted and confident about your decision. Your happiness is our priority.


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Can Direct Tax Loan Help Settle My Real Estate Property Taxes in Port Arthur TX?

By collaborating in a timely manner with your Port Arthur tax county office, Direct Tax Loan can pay back any outstanding funds you owe.. We can simultaneously assist you with a variety of inexpensive month-to-month installment options which fit your current financial budget.

The following requirements apply:

  • You must own the property as well as be over the age of 18.
  • You need to be overdue on your property taxes.
  • You cannot currently be in bankruptcy.
Exactly How Much Will a Property Tax Loan Cost with Direct Tax Loan?

Direct Tax Loan is a tax lender which never charges out-of-pocket fees or down payments. Your actual loan is the only expense you’ll need to deal with through Direct Tax Loan. All costs and fees are bundled into the loan itself and regulated by Texas law.

Contingent upon the time frame during which you plan to pay back the loan, the amount of the loan itself and your property type, we will create a custom interest rate and payment plan. This interest rate will be lower than what would be charged by Cameron County.

How Quickly Can I Obtain My Tax Loan with Direct Tax Loan?

We can process and pre-approve your loan within 48 hours, fully approve within 72 hours and pay your Port Arthur property taxes within seven to ten business days.


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

Failure to repay property taxes accumulates very rapidly. Having said that, patiently waiting to do something costs you a great deal more, especially within the first twelve months.

Your present tax county office is allowed to charge service fees as well as penalties, interest, and with payments equal to 47% of your unsettled taxes during the course of your first year.

After the initial first year, your account balance will constantly increase at an interest rate of 1% per month. Financing your property taxes with Direct Tax Loans is cheaper and saves you the extra expenses of interest and fees.

Consider All Options

Direct Tax Loans understands that property tax loans aren’t for everyone, and work with you to determine if other options are available. For example, if you are over the age of sixty-five or legally handicapped, we will help you look for a tax deferral for your house or property.

We help ensure that you have the resources to negotiate with your tax office if possible. Homestead properties are a great example. If you decide to pursue a home tax loan, Direct Tax Loans obeys all State of Texas policies which protect borrowers.

Whichever option suits your needs, we will assist you in pursuing it in order to prevent your tax county office from foreclosing on your property or house.

Understand Tax Loans

A property or house tax loan allows you to pay off your property tax bills without delay, optimizing your money and preventing foreclosure. If you happen to be overdue on property taxes, Direct Tax Loan will pay your tax bills directly and set up a payment plan for repayment of the loan.

The tax county office transfers the lien on your property to Direct Tax Loan. This lien is dismissed when you have repaid your loan. The lien allows the tax county office as well as Direct Tax Loan to foreclose on your property should you fail to pay, working as security for payment.

Tax lenders in Texas foreclose on just 0.7% of their loans, considerably less often than traditional lenders. Direct Tax Loan will go the extra mile to help you prevent a foreclosure.

Tax Loan Advantage

Property tax loans are beneficial for several reasons. They prevent your tax county office from charging penalty fees, interest and collection charges which increase your financial debt.

At Direct Tax Loan, there is zero cash down necessary to secure the loan. Additionally, there are no prepayment penalty charges, or penalties for paying more than the specified amount each month.

Direct Tax Loan never performs credit checks, real estate inspections, or background checks, allowing for your loan process to be achieved within one week! Perhaps most notably, a property tax loan can immediately prevent your taxing unit from proceeding with legal action, allowing you to avoid legal charges and foreclosure

In-House Loans

Direct Tax Loan services all of our own loans. You will never have to get in touch with another company to acquire information about your loan. Clients receive exceptional customer service from our professional office employees.

All of your account information is stored within the company to ensure that your property or home tax loan information stays confidential. Our brokers are only just a telephone call away, eager to assist you with your overdue taxes by creating a customized plan which works within your current financial budget.

Customized Solutions

All of our payment plans are customized. We understand that everybody – and every situation – is different. We can also work with you if you believe an upcoming tax payment will be late, working that amount into your existing loan.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us; we would love to assist you in obtaining the professional advice you need.

NO Credit Check

Direct Tax Loan will not look at your personal credit rating. A negative credit score isn’t an issue! 98% of our clients are approved regardless of whether they have bad credit or not. Because your loan is effectively secured by your property, having an outstanding credit rating is not essential.

By avoiding a credit check, you avoid a negative mark on your credit report. Direct Tax Loan makes it effortless for anyone seeking a property tax loan to secure approval.

Free Title Clearing

The most common title challenges happen as a result of the following reasons:

  • A person dies without creating a will.
  • A couple has separated but not yet filed for divorce.
  • A person has inherited property before they were married.
  • The clerks of Cameron County do not have an archive of the property transaction.
  • Legal action – announced via a lis pendens – has been filed against your property.

If you are going through challenges due to difficulties with your property title, Direct Tax Loan can assist you in clearing up those issues. Your unsettled property taxes are our primary concern, and clearing your title can be a vital first step.

NO Out of Pocket Fees

Direct Tax Loan never charges an application fee, any type of advance or out-of-pocket expense. All your expenses are included in your loan. We are happy to discuss the various options available to you at zero additional cost.

In addition, we will provide you with a thorough estimate without it costing you a dime. A “Good Faith Estimate” will be made available to you so you will know the exact terms and conditions of your loan. We work tirelessly at protecting our clients’ money, in addition to providing property tax guidance.

Quick Loan Process

Dealing with the most experienced people in the Cameron County tax industry, Direct Tax Loan prides itself on having some of the most efficient turnaround times. Loans are often pre-approved within forty-eight hours.

Loan evaluation and approval takes between 48 and 72 hours. The sooner you get in contact with Direct Tax Loan, the faster you will be able to forget about your overdue property taxes.


We Can Ease Your Burden

By now, you probably know many property tax lenders have impossible loan requirements and demanding processes that prevent the successful closing of most loan agreements.

This is why at Direct Tax Loan, we strive to make it all easier and provide prompt feedback on loan eligibility once you provide us with the necessary information.

We value our client’s convenience and security. As such, we do our best to protect your privacy in using only in-house serviced property tax loans in Port Arthur, TX.

Have you failed to pay delinquent taxes for several years? Not to worry. We pay tax bills on commercial and residential property in full. This way we help you avoid those county fees and charges which could really start racking up.

Our payment plans are flexible, and with the quick and easy application process, you’d be on your way to resolving your debt in no time with us.

Direct Tax Loan has many years of experience as a premium property tax lender. We take pride in all the work we’ve done to ensure owners like you can secure affordable property tax loans in Port Arthur and other Texas cities. Give us a call today to see how we work together to find a tax relief solution that meets your needs.

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