List of 10 Best Property Tax Loan Companies in Grapevine TX

Mahoney Home Loans – First United

At First United, we sit down and really get to know you. We answer your questions and ask some of our own so we can best understand your unique situation. And, unlike most lending companies, we house our underwriting, processing, closing and funding departments all under one roof to simplify and accelerate the mortgage process. The result is a loan that’s simple, fast, convenient and specifically tailored to you and your investment.

Flagstar Bank Home Lending

Our commitment extends to the community, where we support efforts which promote homeownership and financial well-being, including special grant programs, down payment assistance, and CRA mortgage programs. Our employees donate their time volunteering in a variety of programs and organizations in the communities we serve.

BB&T Mortgage

Building on a tradition of excellence in community banking that stretches back to 1872, BB&T continues to offer clients a complete range of financial services including banking, lending, insurance, trust, and wealth management solutions. We invite you to learn more about us, our company, and our philosophy.

Gateway Mortgage Group

Gateway is one of the nation’s largest, privately held mortgage companies and the reasons are clear. We are a community-focused lender that understands the American Dream of Homeownership deserves a robust selection of products, competitive pricing and state-of-the-art technology that complements the customer’s experience.

Your local Gateway office contains some of the industry’s finest mortgage professionals who are dedicated to you, your home and your community. They share Gateway’s belief and commitment to strengthening communities through homeownership while taking an active role in helping those who are less fortunate. Each office promises to provide smart solutions, fast answers and timely communication while making your experience easy and enjoyable.

Global Lending Solutions

We at GLS Mortgage Solutions can help guide you through the home buying process. We offer a variety of home mortgage programs to fit your unique needs. Depending on your financial requirements and preferences, we will work with you to identify which home mortgages will help you achieve your goals.


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Can I get assistance from Direct Tax Loan in Grapevine, TX with my overdue property taxes?

We work with your local tax office to assist you with your overdue property taxes. There are many options available and we cater to you as an individual taxpayer.

We can assist you with this debt and get you current with a payment plan. To qualify, you should not be in bankruptcy, and must be over 18 and own your property. You must also have overdue taxes.

If we find you are eligible, we will help you get this situation corrected. Direct Tax Loan wants to help you! If you have outstanding property taxes, please reach out to us today for assistance.

What fees are associated with doing business with Direct Tax Loan?

Texas regulates costs and they will be included in your loan if you are found eligible. You don’t have any down payment or fees to worry about when you work with us.

Things like property type, the length of the loan and the amount with determine any costs that are associated with your overdue property taxes. You will ended up saving a lot of money in the long run because delinquent tax costs are not cheap! Direct Tax Loan offers a solution to your delinquent property taxes.

How soon can I get my loan in Grapevine, TX?

Your property taxes are usually paid within a seven to ten business days. You should know if you will be approved within two to three business days. This will be the most efficient way to handle your property tax debt. Please reach out to us, so we can help.


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

It will cost more to correct your tax situation if you wait. If you haven’t been able to pay your taxes it will increase your debt. Penalties, interest, and fees will be charged on your tax debt if you do not pay it off.

It can add up substantially in the first year, almost up to 50 percent. It will continue to add up. You will save money by going through Direct Tax Loans. You may want to just ignore this situation but that is not what you should do. There is help available for your tax situation if you reach out to us here at Direct Tax Loan.

We understand that a loan is not right for every situation, such as being over 65 or if you are chronically disabled. We can possibly help you with some type of payment plan.

If you do think a tax loan is a good resolution to your overdue property taxes, we follow any Texas regulations. Our main goal is to help you resolve this situation and we will do anything we can.

Consider All Options

Here at Direct Tax Loan, we understand that property tax loans may not be the solution for every customer. We can work with any individual taxpayer to find what is best for them. For instance, if you are chronically disabled or over the age of 65, you might be able to get a deferral on the tax you own.  We can also give you tools to discuss this with your tax office. Legally, they have to offer a plan for you to pay back the taxes on your homestead. We follow Texas regulations that protect you from predatory loans. Our main goal is to stop foreclosure on your property.

For instance, if you are chronically disabled or over the age of 65, you might be able to get a deferral on the tax you own.  We can also give you tools to discuss this with your tax office. Legally, they have to offer a plan for you to pay back the taxes on your homestead.

We follow Texas regulations that protect you from predatory loans. Our main goal is to stop foreclosure on your property.

Understand Tax Loans

Do you want to prevent foreclosure? Getting a tax loan quickly can prevent it. The tax lien will move to Direct Tax Loan instead of on your property.

It is released after you pay back your loan on time. Anything we can do to help we will certainly do. Can you imagine the stress of this situation going away? That would be a great feeling and we want to help you get there.

Tax Loan Advantage

It’s a great idea to get a tax loan. You don’t have to put money down on this loan. We don’t do credit or background checks, so there are no worries with that.

The process takes about a week. In this way, you avoid any lawsuits, legal costs, and any fees on your tax debt. Almost anyone will get the opportunity to get a solution with Direct Tax Loan.

In-House Loans

We handle our own loans. You can get a statement and we collect the payments ourselves. You don’t have any third party companies to deal with.

You’ll get great service at Direct Tax Loan. We keep all information confidential regarding your tax debt. You should call us today and find out how we can help you.

Customized Solutions

Our payment plans reflect that circumstances are different for everyone. They are catered to the individual property owner.

If you will be late on your next tax bill, please contact us as soon as possible. We want to help! The sooner you contact us the better off you will be. We want to resolve this issue for you!

NO Credit Check

Most of our applicants are approved even with poor credit. You loan is secured by your property. Reach out to us today and see how we can customize a loan plan to help you with your personal situation.

You can avoid adding an inquiry to your credit report by working with us. Just because your credit isn’t great, doesn’t mean Direct Tax Loan can’t make your delinquent property taxes go away.

We want to help you pay off your delinquent tax debt as soon as possible.

Free Title Clearing

Perhaps someone passed away, you only separated and didn’t divorce, or there is no record of the purchase of your home. These can be title issues that are preventing you from selling your home.

Your delinquent property taxes are our top priority and we want to help you with these situations. Please reach out to us today, to see how we can help.

NO Out of Pocket Fees

You do not have to put money down in the application process. There is no application fee or upfront expense. Any fees you have are rolled into your loan.

There are various options for the individual taxpayer. You can also get an estimate free of charge.

We provide property tax help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us regarding your situation. We want to fix this problem for you, and make it a thing of the past.

Quick Loan Process

You will most likely be approved within two to three business days. We have a great turnaround time for our loan process.

You will be able to forget about your overdue taxes sooner than you might think. Please contact us today, and find out what we can do to reach a resolution on your tax debt.


We Can Ease Your Burden

As a property owner, you may face frustration due to the burden of paying property taxes. At times, the tax payment period may reach at that point when you are facing financial problems.

Since they are mandatory, you dig deep into your pockets thus depleting your revenue. At the end of the day, you manage to pay the property tax, but you leave your business with less operating capital.

As a result, your company may face the risk of going out of business.

We, Direct Tax Loan, come in handy to relieve your headache by offering property tax loans in Grapevine, TX. We provide the whole amount that you need to pay your tax bill.

In return, you pay us back in a flexible repayment plan. With us as your property tax lender, we relieve you the burden of depleting your cash reserves.

We guarantee peace of mind by easing your burden, thus giving you ample time to concentrate on your business.

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