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Can I pay off my property tax debt with a loan from Direct Tax Loan in Frisco, TX?

Yes, in fact, Direct Tax Loan works directly with the county tax office in Frisco to settle your outstanding property taxes. We then set you up with a monthly payment plan that caters to your budget.

You are eligible for a property tax loan if you meet the following requirements:

  • You own the property and are at least 18 years old.
  • You are overdue on your property taxes.
  • You are not in a state of bankruptcy.
Is there an out-of-pocket cost for financing my Frisco, TX property taxes with Direct Tax Loan?

No, there are no out-of-pocket costs for financing your delinquent property taxes with us.

Any loan fees are regulated by the State of Texas and rolled into your monthly loan repayment, so you only need to manage one expense.

We take several factors into account when determining your payment plan and interest rate: how quickly you are planning to repay the loan, how much you borrowed, and what kind of property you own. We work to ensure a lower rate than what your county can offer.

How long does it take for me to receive my property tax loan in Frisco, TX?

You can be approved for financing in just seventy-two hours, and your delinquent property taxes can be paid in full within seven to ten days.


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

Overdue taxes can cost you big, especially the first year.

The penalties, interest, and fees of delinquency can add up to 47% of the cost of your taxes in just twelve months, putting you further and further into debt. After the first year, your balance will increase at a rate of 1% each month until you pay off the entire balance.

Don’t wait for your taxing unit to hike up the cost of your property tax debt. Apply for financing with Direct Tax Loan today to avoid these drastic late fees.

Consider All Options

Property tax loans are not the solution for everyone. Are you over 65? A veteran? An individual with a disability? Then you may qualify for a deferral or exemption for your property. Direct Tax Loan can help you pursue the best option for your situation.

Direct Tax Loan is here to make sure you know your legal rights. For example, the law requires your tax office to offer you a payment plan on homestead properties; we can provide you with the know-how to set one up.

If you do decide to finance your overdue property taxes with us, we want you to know that Direct Tax Loan follows regulations established by the State of Texas for your protection. No matter which option you pursue, our priority is to prevent your taxing unit from foreclosing on your property.

Understand Tax Loans

It is important to know what you’re getting into when you apply for a property tax loan. Essentially, Direct Tax Loan will pay off your overdue balance directly to your taxing unit. This helps you avoid foreclosure and save money on late fees. We then create a custom payment plan for you to pay off the loan at a much lower interest rate.

Your taxing unit will transfer the lien on your property to us, and we’ll transfer it to you once you finish paying back your loan. The lien grants the lender the right to foreclose on your property if you default on your loan, meaning it is a security deposit.

Don’t let that worry you, though—only 0.7% of loans by tax lenders in Texas have led to foreclosure on properties. The rate of foreclosure is much higher among mortgage lenders. We don’t want to see you lose your home, so we work hard to make this 0.7% even lower for our clients.

Tax Loan Advantage

What are the advantages of a property tax loan? They help you avoid high interest rates, collection fees, and penalties from your taxing unit that can hugely increase the balance you owe on your overdue taxes.

We don’t charge you anything to receive the loan, and we don’t believe in penalizing you for paying it off early. If you pay more per month than the amount originally agreed upon, no problem—there are no out-of-pocket fees.

We want you to receive your loan as quickly as possible, which is why we do not require credit checks, house inspections, or background checks. If you don’t pay, your taxing unit can file a lawsuit against your property resulting in high legal costs or foreclosure, so we want to help you get the money you need as fast as possible.

In-House Loans

Direct Tax Loan does everything for your loan in-house. We send you monthly statements, you send us your payment, and you never have worry about dealing with another company as a middle-man.

We aim to provide excellent customer service from our friendly, knowledgeable staff members. With Direct Tax Loan, you don’t have to worry about re-explaining your situation to a different representative every time you call. By keeping all information about your tax loan within our organization, we provide you with confidentiality and peace of mind.

One phone call is all it takes, and you’re on your way to a custom, stress-free solution for your overdue property taxes.

Customized Solutions

Every individual seeking a property tax loan comes from a unique situation. That’s why we work with you to create a payment plan that is customized to your circumstances.

We can also work with you to restructure your original loan if you need additional money to meet your upcoming property taxes. If this situation applies to you, don’t hesitate to call us and discuss your options.

Hesitating to reach out can cost you, but our advice is free, so call today.

NO Credit Check

Worried that bad credit will prevent you from getting approval for your loan? Rest easy—Direct Tax Loan won’t review your credit!

Your loan is guaranteed through your property itself, not your credit score, so we won’t even take the time to run your credit. In fact, 98% of applicants with bad credit still get approval.

If you need a property tax loan, Direct Tax Loan makes it easy for you to get one.

Free Title Clearing

You may have issues with the title of your property due to any number of common reasons:

  • Your relative passed away without leaving a will
  • You have separated from a partner but have not filed for divorce
  • You inherited a property before you married
  • Your original purchase transaction was not recorded in the Frisco county clerk’s office
  • Your property has a lawsuit, called a lis pendens, filed against it


In any of these cases or countless others, Direct Tax Loan can help you investigate and clear your real estate title for no charge. Our priority is helping you pay your overdue property taxes.

NO Out of Pocket Fees

When we say no out-of-pocket fees, we mean it. No application fee, no down payment. All costs are included in your monthly loan payment.

Our advice is free, too—we are happy to talk you through your different options for no charge. We will send you a full “Good Faith Estimate” so you know the exact terms of your loan before you commit to it.

We want to save you money and provide the property tax relief you need.

Quick Loan Process

Forty-eight hours. That’s all it takes for us to pre-approve most loans, thanks to our work with local experts in the Frisco mortgage and property-tax industry. We’re proud to provide some of the quickest loan turnaround in the industry.

Seventy-two hours. From start to finish, that’s how quickly we can review your completed application and finalize your loan approval.

Call today, and you could have property tax relief in record time.


We Can Ease Your Burden

If you need property tax loans in Frisco TX then Direct Tax Loan can offer you the financing you need. Our property tax financing services will allow you to settle whatever outstanding property taxes you may have.

As one of the leading property tax lender in Frisco, we want to help you solve all of your problems in relation to your property taxes. What this means is that we won’t just help you pay your outstanding property taxes, we also want to help you avoid penalties and higher interests rates.

All of our financial services are designed to help you pay your property taxes. Once you apply for a property tax loan, we process your application and pay your property taxes. You can then repay the loan in flexible installments. So if you have outstanding property taxes in Frisco, just remember that Direct Tax Loan can help you pay them.

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