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Guild Mortgage Company

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AMCAP Mortgage Premier

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Amegy Bank

Amegy Bank is not only a leader in banking, but a leader in caring. It consistently provides the vision, financial fuel, sweat equity, creative partnerships, and the heart to transform, rebuild and strengthen the communities it serves in Texas. It donates more than $1 million as part of its mission to support the communities where it does business. Its employees, many of whom are leaders in the community, volunteer thousands of hours each year for charitable causes.


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Can Direct Tax Loan help pay off my property taxes in Atascocita TX?

Direct Tax Loan can pay off any delinquent money you owe by working directly with the Atascocita county tax office. We can also find you a number of quality payment options that fit your budget.

However, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You are a property owner who is over 18 years-old
  • You are overdue on your property taxes
  • You are not currently in bankruptcy
How much will a property tax loan cost me with Direct Tax Loan?

As a property tax lender, Direct Tax Loan will not require a down payment nor charge you any out-of-pocket costs. The only transaction you will deal with is the loan you get through us, and we will calculate a personalized price for you that will be lower than what your county will charge you.

How fast can I get my property tax loan in Atascocita TX?

For us, it will take only about 72 hours to proves and approve a property tax loan. Then your Atascocita property taxes can expected to be paid between 7 and 10 days later.


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

It is already stressful enough to know that failing to pay your property taxes can cost you. However, did you know that wait can cost you even more during the first year?

For your first year, your taxing unit can charge upwards of 47% extra on your unpaid taxes, consisting of penalties, interest, and fees. Then, after the first year, the total balance can continue to grow as much as 1% a month.

Direct Tax Loan can offer you the best chance of getting out of that situation quickly, as well as cheaply, to save you the most money.

Consider All Options

Not every solution will best suit every problem, and Direct Tax Loan knows that. We even know that property tax loans might not be the best answer for the particular you face.

That is why we can help you find an option that works for you. Direct Tax Loan can help negotiate a payment plan with your tax office. If you are disabled or over the age of 65, we can help you get tax deferral for your property.

Plus, Direct Tax Loan follows all Texas regulations on borrows, so you can feel protected. Whatever it is you need, Direct Tax Loan can help you find it.

Understand Tax Loans

Here is how Direct Tax Loan can help you with your paying property taxes: When you receive a property tax loan from Direct Tax Loan, we will pay your taxing unit directly. We will then help arrange a payment plan for you to repay the loan.

We will now shoulder the burden of the lien that your taxing unit had previously placed on you. This means you are now secure against getting your property foreclosed while you repay the loan.

Even though Texas tax lenders only foreclosed on 0.7% of their loans, Direct Tax Loan will still help you from being one of those few who get foreclosed.

Tax Loan Advantage

There are many reasons to seek a property tax loan from Direct Tax Loan, and most of them give you some kind of advantage in your financial situation. A property tax loan prevents you from receiving penalties for now paying, accruing more interest, or incurring collection fees.

There is no money down needed to get approved for loan at Direct Tax Loan, and there is no penalty for paying early. We also do not require credit or background checks, so your loan process will only take a week or less to be completed.

In-House Loans

Our Direct Tax Loan representatives are only a call away from aiding you in your delinquent taxes, setting up a payment plan for your budget, and providing you will all the excellent services we offer.

All loans at Direct Tax Loan are serviced by us, and most of our services are completely in-house as well. We collect the payments on our loans and provide regular statements for your records.

We will be the only company you will have to deal with, and we will keep all of your property tax loan information and account information secure and confidential.

Customized Solutions

Every payment plan we offer to our clients are customized to suit their particular situation. Now every client will be dealing with the same set of problems, so we tailor every payment plan to match that particular need.

Direct Tax Loan can also help clients who simply need property tax advice, or need help with additional tax money due outside of their original loan.

Even if there already exists an outstanding loan with us, and you know that you might be late on your next tax payment, we can help if you contact us as soon as possible.

NO Credit Check

At Direct Tax Loan, we have no problem with no credit or even bad credit. We do not review your credit score, so credit is not a problem at all. Out of all our applicants, 98% of them are approved even if they have bad credit.

Instead the security of your loan is ensured through your property. This means that you do not even need high credit to be approved. Running the credit check is a process that takes too much time and could easily interfere with your repayment, so we do not do it.

Direct Tax Loan provides an easy way for anyone to qualify for an approved property tax loan.

Free Title Clearing

Here are a few of the most common reasons that you might encounter title issues:

  • A recently deceased person did not leave behind a will
  • For whatever reason, the county clerk’s office in Atascocita does not possess the record of the original purchase
  • The inheritor of the property received it before they were married
  • A divorce was never officially filed despite the couple separating
  • A “lis pendens,” which is a kind of lawsuit, was filed against your real estate

If any of these problems or other problems have prevented you from selling you home, Direct Tax Loan can help by investigating and clearing them.

NO Out of Pocket Fees

At Direct Tax Loan, all of your fees and costs are combined into your loan. So we do not charge you an application fee. There are no upfront charges or other out-of-pocket expenses. There are not even any down payments necessary.

We will work with you to discuss the variety of options we have available to you, at no additional cost, to find an option that works. If you want a full estimate and the exact terms of your loan, we will be happy to provide you with one for free as well.

Quick Loan Process

At Direct Tax Loan, we know that you want to done with your overdue property taxes as soon as possible. So we work with the best individuals in the Atascocita property tax and mortgage industry to get you the fastest turnaround.

These experts make sure that your loan is approved quickly, with most pre-approved loans taking around 48 hours.

Then the final review and approval of a completed application will only take about 72 hours.


We Can Ease Your Burden

Direct Tax Loan offers tailor-made property tax loans for Atascocita, TX, homeowners and businesses. Apply today and we will pay your tax bill right away.

You cannot afford to wait as the county levies up to 47% in penalties, interest and collection fees on owners of residential and commercial property with delinquent tax payments.

Property tax loan is a loan facility designed to help owners of residential and commercial property as well as vacant lots pay their property taxes in time. In Atascocita, late payment penalties and delinquent charges can rise to 47% of the amount you owe this year alone.

The county authorities could also sue you for non-payment, accruing extra legal charges. In the worst case scenario, they could foreclose on your property.

Direct Tax Loan is a reputable and fully registered property tax lender serving homes and businesses in Atascocita and other areas of Texas.

For years we have helped homeowners and commercial property owners clear their tax obligations in time before they incur costly penalties and fees. As we are specialists in providing property tax loans, our lending terms are tailor-made to meet the needs of homeowners and businesses.

To apply for a Property Tax Loan in Atascocita TX, call or email us now. It takes a 5-10 minutes call to get the details necessary to complete your loan application.

We offer our property tax loans to homeowners and businesses not just in Atascocita, TX, but also in surrounding areas.

Even if your home or business seems outside the area indicated, do not hesitate to call or contact us for more information. We are always ready to listen and offer you solutions for your property tax loan problems.

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