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HomeWay Mortgage

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Supreme Lending Houston TX Mortgage Lenders

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Can Direct Tax Loan help pay off my property taxes in Katy TX?

Direct Tax Loan can and will work directly with the tax office to pay off the money you owe. The tax office will no longer be calling you continuously, and instead we can set up a monthly payment plan that is affordable for you.

There are several requirements:

  • You must be the owner of the property and be at least 18 years or older
  • You must be overdue on your property taxes
  • You must not presently be bankrupt or in bankruptcy
How much will a property tax loan cost me with Direct Tax Loan?

A loan with Direct Tax Loan will cost you the amount of the loan. We don’t have any hidden fees or out-of-pocket charges. Your loan will be the only expense.

How fast can I get my property tax loan in Katy TX?

Processing and approving your property tax loan will take about 72 hours, and we will then pay your taxes in Katy TX within seven to ten business days.


Considering A Property Tax Loan? 10 Reasons To Get Your Property Tax Loan From Direct Tax Loan

Time Is Money

Unfortunately, this is true—time is money. The longer you wait to pay off your taxes, the more interest is accrued on your account. The more time you wait, the less money you’ll have!

The taxing unit in Fort Bend county is allowed (and believe me, they will) to charge penalties and fees, sometimes up to 47% of your delinquent taxes during the first year of delinquency.

So stop waiting around for people to take your money via fees, charges and interest. Get a loan with Direct Tax Loans today, and we will pay your delinquent taxes for you within seven to ten business days. Start taking control of your finances!

Consider All Options

In the state of Texas there are several different options to consider before taking out a property tax loan. If you are 65 and older or disabled, Direct Tax Loan can help you seek a tax deferral for your homestead. This will continue until you are no longer disabled or until you or your heirs can pay for the property taxes.

Another plausible choice is negotiating with the tax office in Fort Bend County to set up an affordable and reasonable payment plan. It is required by law to offer payment plans on homestead properties.

Of course, there is always the option of getting a loan through Direct Tax Loans. We follow State of Texas regulations that protect borrowers. No matter what choice you make, we will help you through the process.

Understand Tax Loans

What is a property tax loan? A property tax loan aids you in paying your property taxes quickly which saves you money and prevents your property from being foreclosed on. Delinquent on your taxes? That’s what we’re here for.

We pay your taxes off directly at the taxing office, and then we set you up with an affordable payment plan to repay the Direct Tax Loan. What happens next is the taxing office will transfer a lien on your property to Direct Tax Loan, and once you pay back the loan we will release the property tax lien.

The lien is ultimately a security payment. So if you do not pay back your loan, Direct Tax Loan has the right to foreclose on your property.

Tax Loan Advantage

There are various advantages for choosing a loan with Direct Tax Loan. Once you have a loan with us, we will pay off the taxes you owe at your tax office. This way, the tax office can’t issue penalties, interest, or collection fees on your taxes that you owe.

We don’t require any money down to receive the loan, and there’s no prepayment penalty. You can pay off your loan early or pay more per month. We won’t charge you for that! Another advantage of getting a loan with Direct Tax Loan is we do not perform credit or background checks or house inspections.

This allows your loan process to be completed within one week! Lastly, and maybe most importantly, once you have a loan with Direct Tax Loan, and we pay off your taxes, the tax office in your county can not proceed with a lawsuit that would rack up legal costs and fees.

In-House Loans

Direct Tax Loans does not outsource any of our loans to other entities. We do everything in-house. We collect our own payments and provide you with loan balance statements periodically.

You will never be referred to a different company to get information about your loan through Direct Tax Loans. Likewise, your personal information stays within the company and is confidential. We do not share any of your information, and our staff is friendly and professional.

We offer exceptional, personal service for each individual who purchases a loan from us. Feel free to call and discuss your loan options with one of our representatives; they will assist you in setting up a payment plan that works with your budget.

Customized Solutions

At other large companies you become just some data on a spreadsheet. Here at Direct Tax Loans we customize each experience to best fit our customer’s needs.

In Katy TX the median household income is about $73,000, but we understand that each customer has a unique set of circumstances and a unique financial situation. We customize payment plans so that our customers are comfortable with their monthly payments.

Also, if you find yourself in a situation where you owe additional taxes outside of the taxes paid off by the loan, let us know as soon as possible. That way, we can assist you just as quickly. We will offer you tax loan advice as well as help you work through your property tax issues.

NO Credit Check

Remember the property tax lien we mentioned earlier? This lien is a security measure; consider it a sort of collateral for your loan. Since we have this collateral we don’t require credit checks. Almost 100% of our applicants are approved even if they have bad credit.

Our goal is to help you pay off your taxes in a way that works for you. We don’t inquire into your credit because for us, it isn’t a factor. Get a loan with Direct Tax Loans, so we can help you get back on your feet and in charge of your finances.

Free Title Clearing

There are more instances than you may realize that revolve around having a clear property title. If someone in your family passes away and doesn’t leave a will or if you have separated from your partner but didn’t file a divorce, you may have issue with clearing a property title.

Along with a variety of other possible scenarios, these will prevent you from selling your home due to issues with the property title.

Direct Tax Loans can help you investigate and clear your title, especially if delinquent property taxes are playing a large role in the situation. Clearing your title and taking care of your delinquent taxes are our top priority.

NO Out of Pocket Fees

There is no application fee or any down payment required to obtain a property tax loan through Direct Tax Loans. Any fees necessary are rolled into your loan and included in your monthly payments.

We are not trying to nickel-and-dime you, we only want to help you save money and take care of your delinquent property taxes. Here at Direct Tax Loans, we can provide you with a “Good Faith Estimate” that will explain the nuances of your property tax loans.

That way, you know exactly what you are getting yourself into beforehand. We pride ourselves on caring about our customers and their financial situations.

Quick Loan Process

We don’t want any additional fees or charges to be tacked onto your delinquent taxes. To prevent this from happening, we want to get the tax loan process going as quickly as possible. Typically, loans are pre-approved within the first 48 hours.

A total review of a completed application takes an additional 24 hours, making it only 72 hours from start to finish! The sooner you call Direct Tax Loan, the sooner we can begin to take care of your delinquent property tax problems.

We have some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the tax industry, allowing us to have one of the fasted loan turnaround times you can find in Texas.


We Can Ease Your Burden

Are you currently undergoing an unexpected financial trouble? Are you unable to pay your tax bills? Remember, it is extremely important to pay your property tax on-time in order to avoid the unnecessary headaches, such as penalties, interests, lawsuits, exorbitant fees, and foreclosures.

If you are facing such a critical financial situation, then you should ideally contact a reliable, reputable, and dependable property tax lender. A reliable property tax lender will offer you flexible tax payment plans.

In this context, we recommend you to contact Direct Tax Loan, the experienced tax loan specialists in Katy TX area.

Our company is delighted to offer you a simple, straightforward, and uncomplicated loan application process. Featuring a wide variety of affordable tax financing plans, our company will provide benefits to both commercial and residential property owners who are seeking property tax loans in Katy TX.

For further assistance, please contact us right away. And, one of our friendly tax consultants will immediately address your queries and resolve your concerns.

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